Has anyone tried the "Home Horse"?

The Home Horse was set up at a show I attended several years ago, and I tried it then. I thought it was so neat, and I’ve thought about it occasionally ever since. The biggest thing holding me back from getting one of these is the price tag… I am now in the position where I could do it, but it’s a big investment. I have some asymmetry issues that I have struggled with off and on for a long time, so I think spending some time on this every day might be beneficial for my riding and much more. Does anyone own one of these? Do you love it, or do you have any regrets? What version do you have – one with bit(s) or one without?

Their website, so you know what I am referring to: https://www.homehorse.com

I’ve seen similar balance chairs and seats for cheaper, but this seems to be a great setup to me, and I am okay with paying extra for that. I’m open to other suggestions that have worked well for you, though.

Thanks in advance!

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Sorry not super helpful as I don’t own one but I also tried it years back & thought it was super cool! I would’ve loved to get one except for how expensive it is. It really brought a few of my more hidden riding flaws & tendencies to light which was pretty interesting.

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I debated for a looooong time, then finally bit the bullet and bought one a few years ago. I bought the one without bits. I like that I can put a saddle on it - I have an old saddle similar to what I ride in that I use on it - rather than just sitting on a “chair.” It definitely doesn’t lie about your balance (or lack thereof) or one-sidedness. My only regret is that I simply do not use it as much as I intended. Like you OP, I thought I’d spend some time on it every evening. It sits in my living room, but I haven’t been on it in months. I can’t really say why. I guess it’s like people that buy treadmills but end up never using them. :woman_shrugging:

I will say that every now and then I get tight muscles in my lower back and sitting on it and doing the circles does help with that.


After many months of only getting one 30 minute ride a week (weather permitting) I have been dreaming of something I could use at home.

Problems–my balance and coordination are horrible (I have MS). The gracious lesson horses put up with my bad balance. I looked at some other riding simulators (which were much more expensive) and I had the same question, would I even be able to use it? With this one the pad is neoprene, I am very allergic to neoprene (horrible, itchy, BIG hives.) I guess I could use a BOT Contour pad instead so not a total deal breaker.

After 50+ years of riding I NEED something at home, something I could use safely, preferably without needing someone around to help me get on, off, and to check my side to side balance (my riding teachers are wonderful about this). My husband could help me when he is home but I’d love something I could use when he is not around.

You have given me something else to save up for next year. From what I’ve seen this may be the safest riding simulator for me that I could afford someday instead of never.

Thank you.


I just talked with Chris, the guy who makes these. I explained my riding history and my problems with MS. He said he has other models that he does not put up on the web site though he takes them to shows.

We will be figuring stuff out, he is from the same riding age as me (maybe earlier and with much better training) and he understood everything I said. One of his relatives has MS, he has made one for his mother that is slightly different.

Now to save up my money.


That’s fantastic! I hope you two can work something out that works great for you!

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This is awesome!!! I follow your posts as I have cervical dystonia, and always learn from you. I may call them, too, thanks to you!

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:frowning: United States only comes up in shipping.

How I wish I didn’t see this today!!! I think it has to be on my gotta-get-it list.

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If you REALLY want one, there are businesses which will accept parcels in the US and forward them on. Shipito is one that comes to mind, but there are others. I have no idea of costs.

you could sent up an account with any UPS Store, you can get a real US address at the UPS Store to ship to then they can forward to you

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It looks so interesting and then I think - I am not sure I can even got on the thing without falling off in the process.

Those that buy it, please update and let us know how it works out.


I wrote and asked if the height is adjustable.


Here’s what I received back: The adjustable height on the standard post is from a 24" inseam to a 38” inseam. It is possible to cut the post to any height range. Sometimes riders use yoga blocks or their saddle with stirrups. It is not necessary to have your feet touching the platform for it to be ridden effectively. I also have modified half cylinders to use under the feet for more active engagement of the lower legs and ankles and this adds an inch or two. You have to ask for these heels down devices since they are not available on the website.


Thank you guys.

I might need instructions for a total dummy.

Well, I did it. I ordered one. I think this will really help with my asymmetry issues, which should make the few times I am able to ride go better, hopefully! Plus fixing my asymmetries should help push off future medical issues and associated bills–that’s how I’ve got to think about it right now. Lol
I’m glad I thought to ask about this on COTH–it sounds like there are several folks excited about it.


Sorry, I’ve never used one of them, so can’t be of much help.

Maybe they should sell a training wheels type frame you can put this gadget in the middle and hold onto until you get the hang of it? :upside_down_face:


I have had mine several years. Love it.


Great, would you tell us more about it, please?