Has anyone tried the Total Saddle Fit StretchTec cinch?

I have a regular TSF cinch but was considering upgrading to the StretchTec. Curious if others have tried it and found it made a difference for their horses.

Yes! We love ours, 3 horses go in them. One is a very slab sided TB that is a hard fit for any regular girth. The girth would be overtight at the sternum but loose on his sides, the stretch tech solves it. 2nd horse has a weird concave
“Dent” on his ribcage near side, so the stretch tech molds better and stays more even than a traditional girth. The third is a baby TB who has a HUGE shoulder, the stretch tech allows him to use his shoulder better, he extends forward more and paddles less in the TSF than a standard girth. Plus saddles stay in place better on all 3, no slippage or galling. All 3 are OTTB hunters.

How do you like the regular TSF? I just got one from FB Marketplace to try on my daughter’s qh mare. Been looking for a while at them and finally decided to try!

I like it but I don’t think they’re necessary for all horses. My 4 year old has a very forward girth groove and is very narrow in his girth area. He was very prone to girth rubs and even with a straight fleece cinch it was getting dents where his legs were. The TSF sits in a much better place and he no longer gets rubs. My other horse goes exactly the same in a straight cinch or TSF. It doesn’t matter to him at all.