Has anyone used the new GreenGuard inserts?

GreenGuard is now selling inserts for their muzzles. One insert has standard size holes and is made of a softer rubber to help prevent abnormal wear on the teeth. The other model has smaller holes for horses that need more grass restriction. Have any COTHers used either of these? What did you think about them? GreenGuard is also working on a leather insert, but I didn’t see it on their website yet.

Here’s a link to a video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=u2XvWZOGt3w

I’m especially interested in the model with standard size holes, because one of my horses is showing some wear on his incisors and I’m looking for a way to stop this.

Thanks for sharing! I had to repair my own muzzle where my mare had worn through. I cut strips from an old dustpan, drilled tiny holes and using the smallest zip ties to secure it , It is working great.

Now I can use these. I think the leather would be my first choice and I won’t need one till next year.