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Hate is a virus, and so is compassion and dignity

I imagine some of you have seen this already, but thought I’d share. it’s a good read.

Well worth the time it took to read it.

If the police/ authorities who go to private farms after a “call of abuse” is lodged , had the right training they could see from the start that there is no abuse or neglect and end it right there. Why don’t they ?

Bluebonnet equine humane society would love to hold such courses for officers, but there are some costs involved. And they don’t currently have any donor willing to cover those costs. Ask cowgirljenn, she would have much more info.

Thanks for an excellent article! I shared this one.

Thanks for sharing. Can’t believe some of the mindsets out there these days and
how some people pay so much because of it.

I’d read it but for the author. When he stops killing dogs (Rose, Orson, etc) who make him a lot of money and then become inconvenient for him and writing books about it maybe I’ll listen. Or not.