Have to get on ground to access Water valve (or hose bibb, or whatever it's called)

The farm where I keep my horse has water lines to the field, BUT, you have to get on your knees on the ground and reach into the hole where it is to turn it on and off. I’m not thrilled with doing this, so have been looking for ways to make this easier. Thought I’d ask here and see if anyone has the same issue and found a clever solution.

I suppose the plumber did it that way to protect from freezing the pipes - so that’s a concern with any fix we come up with.

Some ideas so far are to get a ‘grasper’ device, but it would have to be strong enough to turn it on and off and not bend the ‘thing’. I’m also half-tempted to get it plumbed up to the surface, but then what do you do to keep it from freezing in the winter? *The ‘thing’ is like what you find at a water hose line at your house - looks like a wheel.

Any genius tips?

Call your plumbing supply house or a local water co. They do make grippers to use to turn the
faucet head. That’s a pretty common scenario so I’m sure the tool is available.

Here’s a bunch of tools to grab underground level turn off faucets: Maybe one will work.

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Have your current valve replaced with one of these;

Put a hole at the end of the lever, and use some sort of stick with something to go through the hole to manoeuver the handle ?

Frost free hydrant?


Globe valve turning tool:


We have one of those in every manhole and underground plain covered pipe with valves to be turned.
We make our own out of rebar, but Lowes, Home Depot, all have those for sale.
I carry one in the pickup for those places where someone walked off with the one for that spot, so I don’t have to go hunting for another.

the hardware stores should have something like this
I had 2 so far, one a simple T-shape, the other had a ring on the top that needed something inserted for the leverage.
Assuming the shut-off is like the one on the water meter.

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We use this tool on several irrigation lines that have that type of valve -

The one Bluey linked to looks beefier and probably better!

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