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Have You Seen This? Pissed Off Cat Calendar on Etsy

I found this on Etsy and thought it looked hilarious so I bought one.

Thought I’d share the link:



Hilarious :joy:. Thanks for sharing

great but $24 + postage for a calendar is a bit steep, but I would like to have one. I may have to buy it…

If you mark it as a favorite, you’ll probably get a 10% discount offer from the seller (I did). Brought the price down to $21 and change.

ETA that it’s free shipping.


There are other sources, probably counterfeit/pirated but they’re out there, and they’re supposed to be cheaper. However, you get what you pay for. I’m sure the real calendar is well printed, on quality paper, and lovely. The counterfeit ones I’ve seen are awful. One big reseller cheap is Temu, I don’t ever order from them.

It’s the same price on Etsy, and Amazon, but Amazon is free shipping for Prime members. I buy jigsaw puzzles, and found that even on Amazon, they have third party sellers that have poor quality cell phone photos or screen shots of the real puzzle front photo, put out a cheap, blurry knockoff, and sell it for the same price as a real one would cost, or even more sometimes.

Another holiday shopping note, with Black Friday coming up, Walmart, Target, Kohls, Amazon, and others have some competing deals, so if there’s something you are interested in, check a lot of sources. For Amazon you used to be able to get a month free trial of Prime, and then cancel it before the month is over.

I LOL’d at it.
But I just put together a custom calendar on Vistaprint. Total for 6: $77 inc shipping
Single calendar would run $13 + shipping

{ShiftyEyes} you could screenshot those pics & make your own version.
Caveat: if that Seller is a small business, don’t.

Calling @BraveSC has Lola aka Peepycat been calendarized yet?
Sorry(not sorry), I know I’m a pest :pensive:


I have done that several times. I hate ordering from them. If you aren’t a member, they pester the life out of you to join. I just tonight posted about buying something on Amazon that never got her. I had canceled my subscription, so when I called, they said they had NO RECORD of my purchases as I wasn’t a member! I try not to deal with them. But I will need a good calendar and I like this one!

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I do not want to cheat. Either it is worth it, or it is not.


It’s not just the cost of the calendar, especially if the person selling it took the photos and did the layout. You’re also paying for time, expertise, and expensive camera equipment.

Sorry, but I view this the same way I do people who steal photos from horse show photographers.

And those screenshots may not get you the best resolution.


She has not. I don’t have a computer at home and can’t do it at work. I’ve tried on my phone but got totally annoyed by formatting :rofl: may revisit over the holidays!


I did this year’s on my Android phone.
Desktop is ancient (Windows 8) & slooooow.
My phone doubles as camera, so all the pics I wanted were there.
I won’t mention it again :zipper_mouth_face:

I think the calendar is very cute, but I blanch at paying $10 for one. I have a couple of things on the boil at the mo, so when things settle down, I may yet buy it. It is very cute.

I make my own calendar each year, using my photos, and give a few out as gifts. That and cookies would be my version of a handmade gift.

It usually ends up costing $10 to not quite $20, depending on how carefully I look for deals. Pro tip - order some prints ir something and they’ll probably send you a coupon for more stuff within days.

I use Mixbook mostly. Use Printique/Adorama for photo books bc of the amount of control it gives you. I wouldn’t dream of tackling it on my phone, but I’m a Boomer.

We should make a “Cats of COTH” calendar for ourselves.


Ten dollars is what Walmart is charging for their calendars. Walked by their display Saturday, and a Yellowstone calendar caught my eye. Oh good, I thought, pretty pictures of elk and geysers. I pulled it out of its slot and saw it was Yellowstone the television series. Oh well, pretty pictures of scenery and horses. No, it was only two characters with quotes from them. Nothing pretty. Boo.

Just from th pics alone on this thread and throw in a few from Peepy cat - we would have more than enough.

I would buy one - proceeds could go to a selected charity we all approve off?

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I’d gladly send some PeepyCat images!


:point_up:Count me in!
I bet we could manage a 365 Cats of COTH desk model :sunglasses:
The Cute Kitty thread probably has enough already!
Maybe pick a cat or horse rescue to benefit?

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Just did some preliminary research and found that it’s surprisingly hard to find somewhere to print your own tear off calendar. I foundthis site, but the smallest number they’ll do is 100 at a time. And those start at $14ish a calendar.


Or there was another one that was $60 for one copy! :scream:

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