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Havre de Grace gone

Tragic loss of such an accomplished mare.


An Into Mischief colt…condolences to MP and her crew. She was a sparklng jewel with good years left. All her previous offspring are winners,

On a positive note, the colt is on a nurse mare.


So sad.

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She foaled on Friday and they lost her on Sunday- they obviously did all that they could.

Godspeed to another great one.

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Double damn.

For their own sake I wish Timber Town hadn’t made it public that she’s had previous foaling problems. I don’t for a minute second guess their decisions to continue breeding her, as I do not have the details or the knowledge necessary to make those judgment calls myself.

But they’re in for a storm of criticism from the unwashed masses. It was inevitable, but IMO they shouldn’t have shared as much as they did.

Then they would be accused on here of lack of transparency or a coverup and somebody would imply they were to blame. Lexington is a small city with many employed on all levels by the industry, no secrets, NDAs or not. May as well be upfront.

And you are right, we don’t have specific knowledge of the previous foaling issue(s) or their severity.


It has been a terrible year for breeding. We’ve lost one foal to placentitis, one mare and foal during labor, one mare due to health complications 3 weeks after foaling, and one young mare (not ours, but in our care last season) in KY who died two hours after foaling. It has been so tragic everywhere; I know we hear about things more due to social media/internet frenzy, but I have never known anything as bad as this spring.


My sympathy.
When it rains, it pours.

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