Hay for sale in Kentucky

Available for delivery nationwide, quality, tested Timothy/Orchard and Orchard/Alfalfa for horses. Comes in three string and two string bales, with weights ranging from 50-75 to 100-150 per bale. Stored, never rained on.

3 string: 25-30 per bale
2 string: 15-20 per bale
3x3x8: 165-175 per bale

Price is undelivered.

Delivery is available nation wide. Located in Lexington, Ky

If this is still available…
How much do you charge for delivery?
When do you cut your hay, and therefore be ready to deliver an order of hay? Is this square bales or round bales?

Did you post your horse there? https://www.horseweb.com/
Great platform for sale. Bought my horse there last summer.