Hay For Sale in SE PA

I got a call from a hay grower from upstate NY. He’s bringing tractor trailer loads of beautiful brome hay (low sugar) down to Bucks, Montgomery and Chester counties. He’ll sell very large loads or smaller loads for around $6/a bale. He has several large barns and smaller farms, he’s delivering to, but would like to get some more since he has thousands of bales to sell. His name is Dave Sheldon… 970-218-8024. (I know… it’s a CO area code. He still uses his old number from when he lived in CO a few years back)

Nice hay. My horses prefer it over anything ('cept alfalfa, which the insulin resistant boys can’t have)

Thanks for the tip. Calling to see if he can swing by Southern NJ.

This hay is beautiful and Dave is great to work with, if anyone is looking. Thanks BPF for the recommendation.