HAY in Houston, TX ???

Looking for a good supplier of round bales and square bales, in our area (north of Houston) we are having a hard time finding places that can keep up with supply. Possibly would be willing to split a load if anyone else was looking. My round bale supplier has run out for the season and now I’m paying a LOT more. My square bale guy will be out before the end of the year and he has to keep enough for his boarding barn (he is trying to locate another source too). Does anyone know where we could get it reasonably priced? I’m about to have to cut my numbers if the prices keep going up this much till the 1st cutting next year.

Check this out and be VERY CAREFUL to research whoever you are dealing with!


Everyone is running out of hay. Honestly, if you can find it, pay whatever you have to to get it. If you don’t, someone else will.

I’m actually buying an orchard grass/alfalfa mix from a local hay supplier for the same price that I see grass hay going for. I’m only able to get it because I’m in a rural area and a lot of people haven’t heard of orchard grass so they won’t feed it.