Hay resource sites--share them here!

I’m sure this has been linked to at some point, but I thought I’d throw it on here so everyone knew about it:


We thought we’d repurpose this thread to provide one place to list websites/phone numbers for state-sponsored hay hotlines and other similar resources for locating hay in your area.

Hope it’s of help!
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Montana Custom Hay

We are a full service hay relocation specialist. We offer all types of hay at the lowest possible prices. We offer many programs to help suit your needs including a Share-A-Load program where we will match you with others along a route to get you however much or little hay as you need. Please call us at 406-538-6800 or visit our website www.montanacustomhay.com

hay pricing help

from a conversation concerning price per bale vs price per ton:

As for pricing these things, below is a simple comparision chart.We assume that every single bale every single time is 50 pounds…not less, not more, not from the edge of a fields, not molded, but put up dry and just perfect :>

$4/bale = $160/ton

$4.50/bale= $225/ton

$5/bale = $200/ton

$5.50/bale= $220/ton

$6/bale= $240/ton

$6.50= $260/ton

$7/bale= $280/ton

$7.50bale= $300/ton

and so on

but if the bales are all light…say
38 pounds… let’s look at the prices then:

$4/bale= $212/ton

$5/bale= $265/ton

$6bale= $318/ton

$7/bale= $371

It’s staggering the difference what less than two jugs of milk weighs, makes to you as the end consumer and your wallet.

Virginia area hay


Premium Hay

For Hay and Grains go to ; http://agriservices-intl.com

The Hay Barn: http://www.haybarn.com/main/index.asp

Hay for sale: http://www.hayforsale.net/

These are from a helpful page of KY resources for hay:

Is there something you would like to see here on our site? … helping to compile lists for their areas and being willing to share them with me!

i tried the KY hay one, and the link says “page does not exist”