Hay sources SW VA

Hi there,

We are moving to SW VA (Rocky Mount area) at the end of December and need to find a good source of horse quality orchard/timothy grass hay to last through the winter, about 200 bales. Since it’s pretty late in the season not sure what our options would be in that area.
Of course it’s the worst possible time of year to be moving, but we had been searching for a place for months and finally found it.

Any recommendations on where to find good hay would be greatly appreciated.


I am about an hour from Rocky Mount so have never bought hay in that exact area but I bet you will find hay without difficulty. Lots of agricultural land and even some dairies down in Franklin County (which usually means there are people who know hay!)

There is always a sign on 220 in Boones Mill “Hay for sale” and the folks at the local Southern States there might be a good resource. And Craigslist, of course. It was a pretty good year for hay here.

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Thanks! I was also thinking of contacting the local ag extension office as they may know who is selling hay in the area.