Has anyone heard anything about this company besides the one scam alert post that I pulled up on COTH? Before I found the one post on COTH, I had contracted with HayWard, Ltd to arrange for shipment of 600 bales of hay from PA. The hay was suppose to come in 2 28’ pup trailers. Frank Landers, the “owner” of the business was very helpful and easy to communicate with through text, over the phone and email. We went back and forth numerous times about information on the shipping, how it all worked, etc… I felt 100% confident about the arrangement and now 3 weeks later no hay. Of course I was a idiot and paid him up front. Luckily just for the shipment, not for the hay (the hay supplier is a different person and I haven’t paid him yet since the trailer never showed up).

If anyone has any information about Frank Landers (Colorado) or HayWard Ltd, please let me know.

Does anyone know how I would go about pursuing this legally?

Have you heard anything back from him, or any kind of refund as of yet?

It has gotten really complicated. No refund. Police are involved, as is my bank and the freight company. Its a mess.

Having same problem, just getting started, working with bank and local police, will share any information as it becomes available to me!!.

sent you a Private message


File a complaint with the FBI Internet Crime Complaint center.

If you check. During March, NE was hit with 4 major storms. Weather has an Impact on Trucking. This person did no Planning and blames everyone else.