Heated Cat Beds

Several years ago I bought a heated bed for my cat. For the first 2 years she pretty much lived in it during the winter. Then she just stopped using it, out of the blue. It came right after I washed the cover but I don’t think that has anything to do with it. I put a soft fleece throw in it and she used it one night and now again wouldn’t stay in it. She is spending time on the cable box so I know she is cold. Do these beds ever shock them? I can’t figure out why she doesn’t want to stay in anymore.

I used to get the XL sized Hot Hands packs for my barncat (RIP, Indy😪).
They activate when you open the package & expose to air, warm up fast & last 8h. I would put one under her fleece blanket, inside her fleece house, to keep her cozy overnight in my unheated barn.
Cheap @ around $1, cheaper if you can find a multipack.
Usually in the Sporting Goods section - Walmart or Target.

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My cats like to sit by the heat vents in the house when the weather is cold. I tried putting one of the cat beds by a heat vent (thinking they would like sitting on a soft, warm cat bed). They all ignored it. :roll_eyes: :grin:

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I have 2 of these and after 3 years they are going strong and constantly used. Mine have a thermostat though so if I put them under a blanket they will turn off.

If yours is staying on when under a blanket it makes me wonder if the thermostat is broken and it isn’t staying at a comfortable temperature.

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Maybe it is getting too hot. There is no thermostat that I know of. Do you know what brand yours are?

I have a heat pump which I hate! The air feels cold as it comes into the house. Cat stays away from it. But you would think if they liked the vents, the bed would make it twice as nice! :roll_eyes: I can’t ever figure cats out!

That is a great idea! I will have to try it for my house cat and stray cat that is living in my garage.

The brand I got doesn’t seem to be around anymore, but I got my mom a lesotc from Amazon. It has 2 thermostats, and is working well for her animals.

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It’s a cat. They just go off stuff. Because they can.

I have a heated cat bed, too. It’s called my bed. And they LET me sleep in it.


Is it still working? I have bought one and it has died now a few times- and I have replaced it 3x. My barn cat tells me when he stops going in the house. The first one lasted the longest for about 2 years, then the second for about 12 months and then I am one the 3rd one now (I think)

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Anything electric can develop a short, so sure…it might be producing a little shock.

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The bolded part makes me think scent. Many laundry soaps have perfumes that hang around, and I know that when I wash my masks, I’ll be smelling Tide pod the next time I wear it.

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Haha I get what you are saying but this cat is elderly, her paws and ears are cold and she is seeking heat. :slight_smile: It is my lap or the cable box right now. I just find it odd. But cats are odd, lol!

It is still working. It seems like it needs some pressure to heat up but definitely feel it once I press on it. I just use it in the winter so it hasn’t been used for the full 2-3 years.

It reminds me of the time my horses became afraid of the water tank. I never could verify it but I always swore the tank heater shocked them. Had to break ice for the rest of the winter.
:roll_eyes: I guess even a static shock could have frightened her off it.

You could be right; I had put it away for the summer so I was thinking any scent would have worn off by now but who knows!

I hadn’t thought of scent before @Sparrowette’s post, but that could be it. Laundry product scents can really last - and if it was put away, especially inside something (bag, box), it might not dissipate with time. I know I usually use unscented detergents and a while ago got a sample of something or other, used it, and couldn’t stand those clothes until they were washed again! I might avoid a bed that smelled like that.

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Well, I bought another (unheated) bed, put the heater under it wrapped in a blanket and she is back to using it. So still not 100% sure, but this bed is about twice as large so she can lay in it without laying directly over the heat source which might be not quite as warm.

Awww, she’s adorable! And so happy in her new Catifornia King Bed.

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