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Heated water hoses

We moved last August and my new barn is equipped with a water pump, tank and hose…well the polar vortex has done a number on that hose no matter how hard I try to drain it completely, and I’m tired of thawing it out with the heat gun…can anyone tell me about heated hoses?

I am no help on the heated hose topic.

I live where we get winter and lots of things freeze.

We gave up and simply bring the hose inside after every use. Yes, it is a nuisance.
If you have anywhere in your barn that is heated above freezing you can just take it in there.

Hopefully someone else knows about the heated hoses.

Could you roll hoses up and put them in a heated water bucket full of water?

I would think that would lead to one very wet situation when you remove it to use it.

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Another option: the expandy hoses. They drain easily because they shrink when they water gets turned off, and they’re also dead easy to drop into a bucket & carry into the house.

They’re not terribly durable, I get a year or two out of one, but the convenience is worth it. Some options on Amazon actually come with a warranty, too, and I’ve gotten a few replaced for free.


Not to mention that if it is that cold all that water coming out of the hose will freeze and make slipping on ice very possible.


Heat tape, then pool noodles to hold the heat tape close.
It worked for me when it was 10 degrees out.

Heated hoses are the bomb! We used them all the time when we had our farm in Ontario Canada. Super cold lol, and it always worked. Highly recommend.

If you’re not watering a lot of horses, you can do what I do (for 3+ the 50gal trough outside): water bucket brigade style.
I have 4 3ish gallon buckets (from supplements) I keep by the hydrant, fill & shlep to fill buckets & trough. Takes 2-3 to fill a near-empty heated bucket in stalls. Trough is a food grade barrel (with sinking de-icer) & never gets emptied, so just topped up.
I have one of the flexy hoses & it doesn’t completely drain, freezes in really cold weather.
I can’t be bothered dragging a hose in the house & back.

Well, folks here is an update: I learned that this hose has to be drained about 6 ti.es before the water is finally out of it…once I learned this, that problem was solved. But then another issue appeared when my barn aisle started flooding. Yay.
The answer to that was a sump pump with a float and a heated hose running out the back door, so the pump could go on and off 24/7 to pump out water through a hose that would not freeze
I went from waking up to a canal for a barn aisle to a dry barn, thank the good Lord.

You might consider picking up a basic air compressor? Blowing out the hose (secure the far end when you do!) is a whole lot easier than draining it six times!

Glad you figured out the flooding issue, that sounds miserable :tired_face:

That is a good suggestion. We actually have an air compressor but this hose is permanently attached at one end to the water tank which sits in locked cubby. The hose feeds out through a hole dilled through the wall of the cubby…only about 3’ of hose to drain. I just keep picking it up and holding it upside down til it stops screaming water
I thanks for the kind words…that flooding was stressing me out…we have had a lot of above freezing g temps and periodic snowstorms and what seems like perpetual melting!