Heavier fabric breeches

Does anyone have any recommendations for a brand of breeches with a thicker fabric? Full seat preferred silicone an added bonus. I have tried the smart pack pipers but I am disappointed in how thin the fabric is and it does not smooth this woman’s lumps bumps and cellulite. Looking in the under $150.00 range. Thanks

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It seems the trend is to lighter and more techy fabrics. I’m surprised that you found the pipers to be too thin, I have a couple pairs that are not, but they are several years old. Have you talked to Smart Pak? They seem to have multiple “models”.
The only other thing that popped into my head is to look for denim breeches. Here, complete with silicone, lol. https://theconnectedrider.com/?product_cat=&s=denim+breeches&post_type=product

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I find anything with “compression” in the description smooths everything out.

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I like the Smartpak Knit breeches better than the original Pipers. The material is very different.

Look at the ovation celebrity secret with silicone full seat. Heavy fabric and keeps you in the breech, plus silicone is great.


The Celebrity Secrets are made with a substantial fabric that really hold you in.