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Heavily pregnant stray cat

Some types of insulation are dangerous to touch and breathe. Be very careful when using them.

What a darling good mama. Thank you forr helping her. Is she what New Zealanders might call a Moggie?


Yes, moggy is any cat of indiscriminate breeding, the cat version of a mutt.

Mum and kiddos are doing superb and everyone, hopefully, has a home to go to when ready!


Awww, beautiful baby!


Sooo Cute!

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Oh, squeee!

Does he have extra toes?

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Lucy’s kittens have all left for their new homes and Lucy is doing a celebratory dance.


Excellent job ! Be proud ! Bless you for helping them !

What smug little faces they have. :grin: Happy cats!

Great job! Looks like a very healthy little batch of kittens. Excellent job finding a the mother cat a home, too. That can be the hardest part.

It seems like we all take turns with the stray mama cats. It’s like winning the kitten lottery. :rofl:

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That pic reminds me of the ones taken at Kmart back in the 70-80’s. Lol!
That’s a beautiful cat family. Good job finding homes for everyone!

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They’re so cute!!! Love that little tortie!