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Heavily pregnant stray cat


To begin with, I’m in New Zealand so it’s mid-winter which may colour replies. I’ve ended up with a very pregnant stray cat. The vet’s estimate of her age is 8-10 months and, aside from the pregnancy, is in good health. She’s FIV/FeLV negative and has been dewormed and begun her vaccination course. The vet could see “several” kittens on US but unclear quite how many.

Thankfully, she’s been living in my tack room for the past couple of weeks and has turned into a snuggler. She’s got lots of sensible places to hopefully choose to have her kittens (hidey boxes with bedding down in various locations) but what else can I do to prepare? I’m hoping to pick up some kitten milk/bottles tomorrow.

Temperatures here range from 15C - -2C (overnight) and the tack room isn’t insulated but is reasonably warm. Is this warm enough? I can put a heater/heated blanket down there if required.

Thanks everyone, I’ve included the kitty photo tax below…


Oh, she’s a sweetheart! Lucky to have found you, too!

Do you have straw you could put in her boxes? That will help insulate them. If she’s a good mama, she will stay with them most of the time for the first couple of weeks.

If they seem to be cold - honestly, I used Hot Hands for the last litter I raised! I wrapped them in towels and placed them where the kittens could lay on them if they wanted, but could move away if they got too warm.


Any chance that she becomes an indoor house kitty?

My one semi-feral kitty who had an (unauthorized) litter kept moving her kittens. Almost daily. She made poor choices of new locations, going for harder-to-reach hiding places with no bedding (e.g. behind the washing machine). I just kept moving them back to their cozy warm comfortable nest box. The next day she would move them again. But the house was heated so they were ok. Grew up to be 3 cute little rascals who found good homes.

A heated blanket underneath is probably a good idea in those conditions. I like the towel-wrapped Hot Hands idea, too.

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The aim is to rehome her as an indoor kitty post kittens. I’ve already got 3 cats in a 1 bedroom cottage and my elderly former barn cat has the bathroom due to dodgy bladder control and the two big boys (one a former feral who was trapped this time last year) are A Lot so I think she’ll be safer and more comfortable down in the tack room. If it does get really cold, I’ll rejig things in the house so the barn cat can have a crate/restricted area and she can have the bathroom. She is definitely more stray than feral (was dumped at a friend’s place) as she is a massive smooch already so I’m hoping she won’t be too keen to hide her kittens from me.

I do have hay and can probably get some straw. I was also gifted a bunch of insulation offcuts so am planning to make a little insulted cat cave using an old dog crate as well. Hot hands are a great idea. I do have electricity down there and it’s on my property so can also easily do hot water bottles/microwaved warmers as well.


She is lucky to have found you. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Bless you for looking after her :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

My little - 8# - barncat lived happily in spaces between stacked hay bales in Midwest Winter & Polar Vortex temps < days at a time below zero teen temps :cold_face:
I used the Hot Hands wrapped in a fleece baby blanket inside a fleece cat house & she’d go in there at night. But seemed just as cozy in the hay.
Kittens will need more warmth & the Hot Hands are a gentle heat for them.
They stay warm for 8hrs after opening.
I found the Hot Hands large packs in the Sporting Goods sections of stores.


I got some heated beds for the barn cats several years ago. They have lasted quite awhile and the cats love them.

I lost the covers a long time ago so I just use folded towels on them now.

I got the second down. I wanted them rated for outdoors just in case.



Momma cat popped out 5 healthy looking babies while I was at work, having been totally normal this morning. She’s doing a great job and they’re all very cozy and feeding well.


Awww, how sweet!

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Adorable little monsters. Congratulations! Are you fostering her for an agency, or do you have to find the kittens homes when they’re old enough?


This mass ball of fluff resolves into a mamma cat and 5 kittens. Eventually. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I’ll be finding her and the kittens homes when they’re old enough - I’ve got a lead on homes for a couple already. Mummy cat has now been named Lucy and the babies are Aslan and Tumnus (gingers), Susan (tortie), Boots (tabby w white feet) and Dumpling (full tabby). I ran out of female Narnia names for Dumpling :woman_shrugging:

Everyone’s so far doing great. Lucy left me to babysit while she had lunch this afternoon :heart:


If you become desperate for Kiwi homes, reach out. I know a lot of Kiwis!

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Yeah. A pretty small stray kitty has been hanging out in the board barn where my horse lives. Kitty seems to think that it lives behind my tack trunk.

It’s been there long enough that I finally asked the barn owner if the kitty had been given a name. Yes, she has been christened Lily.

So that’s when I knew that Lily lives here now. :blush:


I may take you up on that! I’m in Christchurch (or technically just out of Chch but I work in the city). Lucy is continuing to do a great job and the wee munchkins are piling on weight and generally doing good baby kitten things.


Sending you all the good vibes and jingles!

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Bless Lucy, she’s doing a great job. Current fat kitten winner is the aptly named Dumpling who is nearly 300g already. And I’ve found homes for 3/5 kittens and Lucy as well :raised_hands:


Bless her heart. The milk bar is full!

Such a good mama but I’m sure she’ll be much happier spayed and to enjoy herself.


Mommy and babies are so cute!

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I love the pose and the evil eye you are getting.