Heavy Duty Boot Mat for Mudroom

I’m looking for something to put wet and muddy boots on, that would hold water and mud, but on the larger side, like 36” x 48”.

At the moment I have boot trays, that each hold about 3 pairs of boots, but would like something that is all one piece. Been Googling around but not having much success.

Anyone have any suggestions???

use a 40 gallon rubber stock tank? They are 13 inches tall by 40 inches long and 27 inches wide

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I have two of these mats and they work great.


How much space do you have? If you have the room they have trays for under washing machines:


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I was also going to suggest the washing machine trays. Or you can get replacement trays for wire dog crates, an XL or XXL would hold a lot of boots.

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