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Heavy-ish Duty Clippers

I need some new clippers, and was wondering what you guys recommend. (Can’t buy anything without reading the reviews first:D) My mare’s coat never gets too terribly thick, but she definitely grows a nice layer of winter fluff. I want something that can take off all her fuzz with ease, and both she and I would prefer cordless clippers. I’d love to hear what you all use. Thanks!

I have a draft x who gets pretty woolly in the winter and I recently sold my huge Oster clippers because they were far too heavy and unwieldy for me - I generally only trace clip 2-3x per winter, maybe a full clip in the early spring.

I bought a pair of Andis 2 speed clippers instead and they are rather marvelous! Lightweight but glide through the hair really well. I too have to read every review before purchasing, and overall they seemed to be toted as the best mid-weight ones that still get the job done. I have not yet used them for a full body clip but based on the trace clip I did this spring, I think they’ll be just fine. In my case, probably quicker than the heavy duties but that’s because I have a weak shoulder and couldn’t handle the weight of the large set. The Andis are also way quieter than the huge Oster ones, although that’s more my comfort than my mare’s, she doesn’t get bothered by the noise. :slight_smile:


I have Andis HP Progress clippers for body, and Andis AGC2s for legs, face, and touch-ups. The AGC2s are great for body clips when the horse is kept up with regularly, like the ones that are clipped every 8 weeks all year round. I don’t love them for the messier jobs, which is what led to the purchase of the HP Progress.

My bodyclipping lady uses AGC2’s for all but the yaks. I’m always surprised how well they turn out as they (AGC2s) don’t look very heavy duty (at least compared to my dinosaur Clipmasters. Ironically, I almost bought the AGC2s online today to replace my very old Oster A5s that finally gave it up this weekend so following for other recs on this thread.

I have the Andis AGC2s and I love them. I body clipped my thin-coated and thin-skinned TB with them, and they are the only clippers I even found that he tolerated being body clipped with, the vibration from most clippers would drive him batty and then he’d start doing stupid things. I also did a trace clip on a very large yack that I was riding and they cut through his coat with no issues, were easy to not leave lines with, and didn’t heat up too quickly.

They are great for general show-clipping too. I do everything with them.

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The only clippers I like for full body clips are my Groomer’s Edge Belt Mount clippers. I had a pair for a decade that did hundreds of clip jobs beautifully, and then started slowing down. So I came here for reviews thinking the grass must be greener. Bought a pair of Lister Star clippers…HATED THEM! So went back and bought another pair of Groomer’s Edge clippers.

I also have several pairs of the AGC cordless clippers. I think I must be like a serial killer of batteries, and though they’re awesome clippers, the batteries (of which I have many) always end up dying too quickly to get anything of significance done by the time they’re a year or so old. They’re also a lot slower than my So corded clippers are my go-tos for full body clip jobs. But if you’re only doing one clip job a year, they might be good enough?

I just ordered these this week actually!


They don’t do multiple lengths, they aren’t fancy, and they’re loud, but they WORK. I had to get my old guy body clipped because he doesn’t shed out and then gets very uncomfortable when the temps get too high. He doesn’t have cushings (we checked), he just doesn’t. lose. the hair.

These work best on an at least semi-dry, freshly bathed animal. I recommend using a coat conditioner to help them glide through. I was done in half an hour clipping everything but face and legs.

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I have the Andis two speed clippers I use for my OTTB. He grows a lot of hair but not yak level, and the clippers do great. I use two sets of blades (one per side) because the clippers and blades do get warm, but they don’t have any problems clipping.

My retired horse gets Cushings-y yak hair, and the Andis two speed cannot handle that. I bought Andis Xperience clippers for him, and they’re awesome, much heavier duty than the two speed. I’ll probably use those on my OTTB in the fall because I can do a full body clip a lot faster than with the two speed. If my retired horse didn’t need them, then I would’ve just stuck with the two speed and saved my $.

They’re several years old now and still running perfectly.

Also a serial killer of batteries, Andis AGR+ model. Three years later and that thing still makes me angry, it came with 2 batteries and a hefty price tag (a good chunk more than the AGC), one battery died in short order, the other one died within 2 years and they are like $60 each to replace. I bought it becausee I finally bought into they "you CAN clip your horse with cordless clippers " hype. Thankfully I also bought the plug in attachment because I am skeptical of the idea that you can body clip cordless.

Thanks to the plug in attachment it wasn’t a complete waste of money (although since I had a working pair of A5’s… yeah, it really was), BUT years (10?) ago I bought this little Laube speed feed (it was about $100, now it is double the price). It came with 2 batteries and it has an adjustable blade that goes from 9 to 40. I LOVE THAT THING and use it all the time. It works like a charm, the batteries are still going strong (albeit it is just used for quick clips) and about every 2-3 years I replace the blade so why I ever threw money away on the AGR+, I’ll never know. Oh wait, it gets to do lower leg duty. Woot.

Hah, PNW, I admit I have a love hate relationship with my Listers, but I had a hate hate relationship with my clipmaster so as relationships go, this is better. I thought about the groomer’s edge, but no way could I clip Xan with anything but a serious body clipper blade (And I admit, I didn’t want the thing hanging from my belt).

ADORE my heiniger Saphir clippers. They are cordless and I body clip with them all the time. One battery lasts half a horse or more and they come with two.
I vastly prefer them to my oster and andis clippers. The blades that came with them are the best I’ve ever had.

Premier Clippers they are the best!

DMK - the Groomer’s Edge clippers are more powerful (and faster) than the the Listers…like by a lot! And you can get a wall mount version instead of belt mount if you hate the idea of something hanging from your belt (they actually give you a nylon strap to use with the clippers…though I usually just hang them from my elastic-waistband riding tights). I’ve never used anything close to the speed they operate at (and they don’t get hot as quickly as my old Oster Clipmasters or my Listers).

I also have the plug in attachment for my two pairs of AGR+ clippers, but it causes them to run at like 1/2 speed (not sure if something is wrong with my power source or the attachment or something else along the line) - do yours run the same plugged in as they do on battery? I think I own 5 or 6 of the batteries and ALL of them are shit. And then I also have the Speed Feeds (which are my go-tos for bridle paths and misc hair/leg trimming)…but I think I broke them the first time I changed the blade attachment thing and they clip at like 80% capacity now.

Maybe I just shouldn’t be allowed to have nice things… :lol:

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Hmm, best as I can tell the plug in works at the same/better speed (better in that it never slowly powers down without you noticing it until you go DOH and get a new battery).

I was sort of interested in the groomer’s edge but I would definitely need to try them on a fjord coat first! Even brand new ceramic coated T84 blade powered by the AGC+ at it’s best performance has issues with that coat pretty much within the first few minutes and I just hate body clipping with that tiny 10 blade even if it works awesome.

But I’m not gonna lie, when the Listers finally bite the bullet, I think I am going to get a pair of Heinigers. I didn’t learn about them until after I bought the listers… and for a long time the listers were fine (TB coats), but now? Heiniger$ might be the an$wer! (not the Saphirs but the ones that are like the listers)

I’m telling you, try the Double K/Groomer’s Edge first. All of the pro clippers around here use them, and that’s pretty compelling in and of itself. They are more powerful than any of the big handheld clippers (as in 4500 rpm versus 3k for the variable speed Oster Clipmasters and versus 2600/2900 for the Heiniger Xpert 2 speed model). The fact that they take the same blades as the AGR+ is an additional bonus…putting those T84 (or 10W) blades on my GE clippers makes it a totally different experience than having them on my AGR/AGC clippers. Although having said that, in looking up specs, the AGR+ say that they’re supposed to clip at 4500 RPM when plugged into the adapter…boy has that not been my experience! And I feel like having two pairs of those clippers that do the same thing with the plug in adapter, it must mean that it’s an adapter problem?? Ugh. clippers and I just do not get along!

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