Hello, cold front!

It’s been hotter than the devil’s appendage lately, and smokey to boot*. Added to that, the cow horse people have been really floofing the footing in the indoor, and the eventers got a bunch of new sand dumped outside, so it hasn’t been conducive to a lot of fast work.

Mostly Mr O’Pony and I have been working on Walking Like You Mean It, which is certainly important and a necessary skill, but gets a little dull… today, though, we had A Breeze.

The smoke cleared. The morning was low 80s, not high 90s. The wind blew. There was trotting. There was snorting. It was grand.

*I feel like there’s a lot of scope to extend this metaphor, but I won’t.

The cold front has arrived here as well and it couldn’t be more welcome. Have fun with your energized pony.:slight_smile:

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And it’s headed to Texas…yippee!!!

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