Helmet Awareness 2022

Has anyone heard when/if anyone is having helmet awareness discounts? It’s been in Sept the past few years, I’m looking to upgrade mine to MIPS and was just curious for any discounts.

Dover says Sept. 14 and 15.

Has anyone seen any deals on protective vests at the same time? I need to armor up.

The Dover advertisement is from 2019. I asked a local tack store a few weeks ago and they said that they hadn’t heard a date yet for this year.

I haven’t seen/head anything, but I’m hoping/assuming that most brands will be allowing discounts for labor day sales next weekend. (personally also eyeballing a new MIPS helmet)

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Oh no! You’re absolutely right! Serves me right for not reading the page in full before I shared the link. Sorry, folks.

Following - can’t find firm date and also wanting a new MIPS helmet! Got a Trauma Void years ago when they were the first option, and it’s a great helmet at a great price, but I tried on a One K MIPS recently and it just fit better, so… Also it’s time to update - if you stick to the 5 year guidelines. I do store mine in climate-controlled environment, but to me, just not worth risk of eeking out more time in a helmet, even without a fall.

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The website for the group that runs it is defunct and the FB page hasn’t been updated in a while. Are we sure it happening this year?

They had one last year even though the group that ran it in the past wasn’t involved.

They announced it randomly - was just curious if anyone had heard anything!

Three things…

One, International Helmet Awareness week is upcoming and run by stores and some brands. Not quite the coordinated effort of the past. It’ll be mid September and in multiple places/formats. (Online, in store etc)

(DO NOT EXPECT Sh*tshield to be involved. They won’t be. Never have been. :sweat_smile:)

Two, the Helmet study results will be announced in late Nov/Early Dec. I know the discounts are useful but since these things last for 5 years, I know I will be waiting until the results are out.

Three, for those who might be interested, you can come to the MIPS Facebook group. We have reps from almost all the brands and are full of real info and lots of great riders in the group with feedback.

(Link will just show Facebook but if you click on it, it will take you to the group page)



Thank you!

Just got a notice from a local tack store that Helmet Awareness sale is next week, starts 19 September. I tried on all the current MIPS helmets so going with the one with best fit and MIPS, and hopefully the test results show it is top tier:)

Which one??? I can look it up if in past Folksam studies for you.


This: https://www.onekhelmets.com/product/mips-ccs-helmet/

Thank you!

Per the 2021 study, the Defender (Model of the original CCS, but now the Custom Color System is in all the MIPS models) was not tested but the OneK Avance with MIPS was.

It was one of the 5 recommended helmets in this study.




It seems the specials are starting to trickle out.

Dover, SmartPak and Adams Horse Supply all have discounts. Adams includes 20% off protective vests.

Anyone have the Uvex MIPS helmet? I’m in a TraumaVoid Lynx, which fits well. The Uvex is a good price for a schooling helmet and looks like it’s more vented.

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Riding Warehouse is advertising discounts up to 40%. Several brands of helmets, Tipperary, safety stirrups.

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