Helmet Awareness Week (2022)?

Is Helmet Awareness Week still a thing—and if so, has it already come and go this year?

A Google search isn’t turning up much, except it seems that it was previously held at different times of summer/early fall.

SmartPak keeps hinting at “time to replace your helmet” so my guess is they are having a sale soon.

From my research, “Helmet Awareness Week/Day” is a result/campaign of Riders4Helmets. Their website has “died” and I can’t seem to find anything on the non profit status of Riders4Helmets…

Charles Owen has something on their website HERE that says something about February 2022, but it seems that Charles Owen updated the article at the time. It really looks like the last recognized International Helmet Awareness Day was in 2020.

I think it’s next week. Can’t remember where I read or saw that but it’s usually mid September so likely soon.

You’re right! I received an email from one retailer this morning.

It’s this coming week, best time of the year to get fitted and get your new new helmet.

I got an Equus Now email yesterday and TOTD today.