Helmet Cleaning

My helmets are DISGUSTING.

My plan is the shop-vac the smithereens out of them and try the Charles Owen helmet cleaner. They don’t smell and they look fine on top, but they’ve accrued a layer of sticky dust goo on all the points of contact.

Does anyone have any magic advice? Anyone tried dry cleaners?

I run mine through the dishwasher periodically

The dishwasher sounds like a terrible idea for helmets… I would imagine the intense heat would break down the foam/glue in them! I try to wipe mine out with antibacterial wipes every now and then, but it sounds like yours are beyond that point. Maybe a dunk-and-scrub in some lysol liquid cleaner and cool water would do the trick if they are really nasty, then let air-dry thoroughly.

I’ve heard of the dishwasher trick, but I’m reluctant to go there. I could try antibacterial wipes and lysol…haven’t been sure what chemicals are ok to use. Will report back tomorrow!

I tried the Charles Owen helmet cleaner. It seemed like a waste of $10, but good old elbow grease wasn’t getting all the little stuff. The spray top can wasn’t spraying, so my immediate reaction was quite negative, but from the little bits I was able to get out, I was reasonably impressed with the spot clean. I am going to exchange for a new can and will give a further report.

I don’t remember when the dishwasher idea became popular, but I so wish it would go AWAY!


I’m happy to keep googling if the above isn’t sufficient to convince people to not go that route.

I don’t remember when getting worked up about what others do in the privacy of their own homes became popular, but I so wish it would go AWAY!