Helmet Covers

Where can I source a custom helmet cover. The Sipps covers were very nice but I think they are not in business any more. Not a fan of stretchy lycra but don’t know if the polyester/satin old school style is available these days. Any leads?

The Hangry Mare on Etsy made me one recently. I’m sure she could have made one with a proper peak but I asked her to make me a pocket type one so my regular helmet peak would go in it. I HAVE NO SHAME.

KC Equestrian does customs ones and shirts to match, if you’d like. I bought two from her and both reasonably priced with a quick turnaround time. ETA- they are the stretchy Lycra ones though

I’m sure you could find someone that makes silks for racing. I couldn’t find one where I could just order completely online and was too lazy to talk to an actual person so I ended up going with KC Equestrian colors. Mine came pretty quickly and looks nice, and was pretty reasonably priced.


Gibsons Saddlers in the UK made me one recently and its high quality. They have a “USA Cap Cover Designer” on their website to make it anyway you want it.

Thank you, will check these out. One of the British sites that I looked at had shipping starting at 79 Euros! Maybe a crochet toilet roll cover would be nice haha!

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I just need to say I LOVE your horse. He is great!

To tag onto your question, does anyone have recs for either an off-the-shelf or custom maker that has a pompom? Last time I looked, I could only find UK made and as someone else noted, the shipping cost was tough to justify

The Kc Equestrian ones have it as an option. Some 9f the LeMieux ones come with it.

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Thank you for your input. Just ordered 3 covers from Gibsons in the UK. Lots of fun using their “design your own cover” system! 4 weeks for delivery, keen to see how they turn out.

Thank you! He is actually a lesson horse-- I am taking a break from ownership currently. After a lifetime of riding TBs and sportbred types that I brought along by myself it has been a real learning experience!

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