Helmet measurement One K

Has anyone ever measured the distance front to back on One K helmets in the same size but regular fit vs. long oval fit? Is there a chart somewhere that anyone has seen? The actual question is, do they actually extend the helmet front to back within the same size or just make it more narrow at the sides keeping the front to back the same? Ordering a bunch of helmets to try on is not feasible (the only company who has the ones in correct sizes has no free return shipping and is ver far away) and the tack store near me does not have the correct stock. Hoping someone can point me in the right direction so that I can stop reinventing the wheel.

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So I can’t measure for you, but Dover will special order One K and they are fully refundable with tags still on. I tried on a friend’s regular One K long oval large that fit great. So I ordered one through Dover. It took a little bit of back and forth to reach the right person for a special order but NOT a custom order (those are not returnable).

Unfortunately, the special ordered One K MIPS long oval large didn’t fit great and went back. Shipping was free both directions. It took over a month but I got my refund last weekend. I’ll be re-doing the order with a medium this time.

From the One K website: “One K helmets are available in 2 shapes, Regular and Long Oval which emphasizes an elongated head from front to back and slightly narrower measurement from side –to – side.”

As someone who wears a One K long oval, I can tell you that the long oval feels distinctly different from the regular. No more headache-inducing pressure across my forehead and temples.

If you call the distributor, I’m sure someone would be willing to measure the helmets for you. I’ve made similar requests in the past, and they were helpful and accommodating.

I just got a OneK long oval and the measurements are taken with a flexible tape measure for both reg and long oval sizes, then you choose the shape. That leads me to guess that they take the round helmet size M for example and effectively squeeze the sides in, making the front/back longer too. It is the same circumference, just a different shape.

So measure your head and order the size by circumference. And ridingwarehouse.com has free shipping both ways and it’s overnight for us in CA!