Helmet similar to J3 skull cap

I am looking for a new show helmet. I have been looking at the One K MIPS helmets, but went to try them on in the store and they did not have the Medium Round to try on, only the oval which felt too oval for my head. The J3 skull cap fits me really well. Are there any show type helmets (not skull caps) with MIPS that fit similar to the CO J3?

Have you tried the Charles Owen ones? I know they make a couple of MIPS show helmets as well.

I tried on the Halo and didn’t like how big it looked on my head. My tack store didn’t have any other CO for to try on.

The CO MyPS (the other CO MIPS helmet style) is definitely a rounder fit than the Halo. I have an oval head and the Halo fits me similarly to the AYR8. The MyPS was too round for me, so it may work for you.


The trauma void EQ3 was a good fit for my round head

Champion MIPS definitely worth checking out.

For years, my helmets were the GR8 (fixed peak) and the J3 (skull cap). I loved them. When MIPS came out, I switched to the MyPS (I sized up by one as there is less padding to compress) and the MS1 Pro (stayed true to size on that one). Minus the slight sizing shift, these both fit me very well.

My only complaint is that I wish there was a helmet that had MIPS that was Snell rated (the 4 Star is Snell rated but no MIPS). But that is a safety complaint, not a fit issue.

This might help. If you think you have a round head here is a link to the CO site and they have a page showing their “round fit” helmets. Many of their helmets come in both oval and round fits. I would not hesitate to contact CO and ask them what fits like your J3.

Ok so here’s some MIPS info for you.

  1. We have a MIPS Equestrian Helmet Facebook group complete with reps for almost all the MIPS brands. (It’ll just say Facebook on the link but it does take you right to the group.)


  1. I made a guide so people can see ALL the various helmets in color and what not. Even if you are on the really small or really big ends of sizing, talk to a rep. They can find you helmets even if your tack shop doesn’t have YOUR size.
  1. Come ask questions…we have 2k members and a LOT of folks are now converting to MIPS and their experiences can help future experiences for others.