Helmet Suddenly Not Fitting

I’ve worn the same Samshield helmet for the past three years. Recently, my helmet has been making my forehead red and causing a little tenderness on one side of my head. I’m at a total loss.

I tried washing the liner in case there was some sort of irritant on it, but that didn’t make a difference. I tried putting in the bigger liner size I use to put my hair up, but that didn’t help. I haven’t dropped the helmet or fallen off so I don’t think the shape of it has changed. I’m 25 so I think my head is done growing (hopefully?? lol). I haven’t hit my head or done anything to cause any lumps or bumps.

I’m going to go to Dover and see if they have any recommendations and try on some other helmets. The helmet feels very comfortable when its on, it doesn’t cause an issue until I take it off, which is normally after an hour or so of wear. I also have a really hard to fit head and the GPA and CO don’t fit me well at all. Does any have any ideas/suggestions/factors I might be missing?? Or, any suggestions of helmets I should try? CO is way too oval and GPA is too round… I haven’t tried on/or bought anything other than a samshield in a long time!

Haircut? Change of seasons? Dehydrated while riding?

Samshields aren’t comfortable for me and gape on the sides. CO too oval. I’m currently riding in a OneK and love it, but you’ll probably have to go to the store to try.

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Lack of haircut/too much hair?

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Any change in weight? Sounds ridiculous, but mine fits tighter if my weight is up. I think because my face is fuller and causes my harness to fit differently and the helmet to sit differently on my head.

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COVID QT/STRESS weight gain or weight loss could effect helmet fit.

Try a helmet with MIPS.

If you liked the fit of the Samshield, you may like the IRH. These helmets fit me nearly identically.