Helmet tan lines

I am not asking because I am vain, but my face is starting to look funky. I haven’t had the opportunity to ride outdoors for many years, but now have access to an outside ring. I am noticing a tanning line halfway down my forehead and lighter colored triangles on my cheeks from the helmet straps.
I am outside without a helmet to a certain extend but these strange tan lines are just weird looking. Am I the only one this happens to or are there others? Any tips to avoid this from happening? It’s bad enough to have lighter hands from wearing gloves

Cashel and others make a helmet "visor " that is a big sunshade. I have one and love it!


You should not be letting your face tan at all. Get a good sport sunblock and wear it on your face every day even cloudy weather. If you switch out to a baseball cap you can get away with less or none on your forehead to minimize stingy drip in your eyes. But cheeks nose chin should be slathered.

You will be glad at my age you did because older horsewomen skin ages really fast.


Yep, get the sunscreen out, and use a helmet visor if you’re at higher altitude or just riding multiple horses.

Long sleeves of a “sun shirt” of whatever type floats your boat (there are a few long threads here on those) will also help with the hand thing. I do not suggest the newer “tan through” gloves.

We all need some reasonable sun-to-skin exposure for vitamin D health, but at some point, more is too much.