Help a mum out?

Hi, I’m a jumper and so is July daughter with her large pony but ever since she found out that her pony ran cross country in Irland before he was imported she’s wanted to give it a go. While we don’t have a huge chance here but a barn about half an hour from us is hosting an inside clinic over cross country fences and the following weekend a competition (all the phases in the inside ring and the jumping is all for “style”, very German :joy:). If she enjoys this we will play at some semi local arena eventing.

So after all of that, my question is should I get boots for him? Normally he goes in open front boots and is very careful. He’s a dream pony who jumps anything every time. They will only be jumping 80cm max but I’m very protective of him as he’s my daughters unicorn.

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His usual open fronts should be perfectly fine for an indoor, small course. If they decide they like it after the show and want to get into eventing more seriously, then you can worry about kitting him out in XC gear.

Have fun!


Thank you! I’ve been trying to decide what to do and figured you all would all help me!

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At lower jump heights, the biggest consideration with eventing is your stuff gets wet, so with arena eventing I assume no water elements…so your normal boots will be fine.


At the lower levels there is no need for any specialist equipment. But beware, peer pressure amongst the young is fierce.

A friend was checking tack at a Pony Club competition and I saw more colours, new technology, fake fur and bling than I have ever seen outside an actual fashion show catwalk.


Oliver Townend goes 5* XC in open front boots. Your pony will be fine :smiley:


Yeah - but what does he put on the horse ?


So we’ve made it through day one of the clinic. Pony was definitely not as brave to start with but when Elly started to actually ride to the jumps he figured it out :blush:. Day two tomorrow!


Much fun was had! Daughter had a wonderful round and even managed to come home with a ribbon :smiley:.


Indeed, I went to a schooling show yesterday to watch “my” lesson horse compete with his kid, and he had a completely different outfit for all three phases, including different ear bonnets for show jumping and XC! I think the best was the one with the sparkly rainbow attire though. :smiley: