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Help! At what point do you send back your new tall boots?

I ordered, and just received yesterday, the beautiful Petrie Coventry boot in cognac and they’re truly lovely. I put them on to start the breaking-in process, and the lower left snap popped open when I took a step. Obnoxious, but it’s started to get better with conditioning. Today, I put them on again, this time just over two pairs of socks with shorts on, and started doing those wonderful stair calf-drops when I noticed the boots felt a little different, looked closer and saw the heights between boots are noticeably different.

I paid $379.59 and waited a month for them. Here are pictures I took to show the height difference: http://postimg.org/gallery/oo4if6aq/

The owner was very helpful in instruction on sizing and they fit in the foot and calf as they should. He told me to put silicone spray on the snap, but I don’t see how that would help keep it from popping open and now I notice the height discrepancy. What do I do in this situation? Send them both back to the Netherlands? Find a local cobbler and request reimbursement? I have a perfect right boot and it’s black sheep left sister.

Surely you jest.

Based on this picture
there is less than 1/4 inch difference between the boots…that have never been really worn.

Leather boots will break-in based on your own feet and your movement…and no two feet, even on the same body, are or move or are perfectly the same.

I would send a quick note to the store, the worst thing they can say is no, right? It could be that one is dropping slightly quicker than the other if your calves are just a tiny bit different in size.

The store will likely tell you that this is normal and that they will even out. If it was a huge discrepancy I would be more irate, but I think unless that difference becomes more dramatic as you are breaking them in, or if one boot isn’t breaking in the same, I wouldn’t worry about it too much!

Inquiring minds want to know, where on earth you found Petrie’s for such a great price!!

Well, is it possible they are marginally different because your measurements were marginally different from L to R foot? Limb disparity is a real thing in almost all bipedal and quadrupeds.

Me, the slight disparity would not bother me. The snapping open of the tab does not scream defect so much as “not broken in” yet.

Have you had tall boots before? Because as they break in, they drop, even the ones with zippers. And based on how and where they wrinkle, they end up not perfectly even. That’s just how it works.

I’m not sure I’ve ever had a pair that were even once they were broken in.

I appreciate the replies! I was at a loss this morning. I have had tall boots before, I haven’t worn these long enough for the height discrepancy to be from any type of breaking in and they aren’t custom made–this is definitely manufacturer error.

It’s only half a cm of difference (44.5cm and 50cm), which is why I wasn’t sure what to do about them. Fortunately, the difference on the outward-facing side of the boots is only about .3 cm and doesn’t bother me. For the price and Petrie’s reputation, I expected them to show up at the same height and with functioning snaps. It sounds like the consensus is to suck it up and keep them and hope the snap grows into itself–maybe they’ll even end up the same height post break-in :D.

Denzel, it took months of searching! I ordered mine from here. Peter was very helpful in choosing the right size and I’m so grateful for the variety of sizes they offer because I find most brands make their tall variety for narrow/regular calf when mine are 37 cm.

Send them to me! My left calf is shorter than my right so they would be perfect!:smiley:

The height difference is virtually imperceptible and will be entirely imperceptible when you break them in.