Help, cat wont stop spraying (in water)

I have a 2 year old male kitty, not 100% sure what breed, and unnutered, but the issue is that he keeps going onto the kitchen counter and spraying in the corner. We put his food and water there (after we cleaned his pee) and low and behold the next day we find pee on his little water fountain and the way he sprayed he must have gotten some in his water, we cleaned it and the next day same thing, I don’t want to neuter him as that’s not a guarantee this will stop. But I need some ideas as to what to do.

Neuter him. I’ve waited too long to neuter a couple of cats and it fixed the problem both times.


Yeah, very much agree that he should be neutered.

But otherwise, move his food and water back to a place he DOESN’T spray, and fix the spraying in some other way. Putting his food where he’s spraying obviously isn’t the answer to stop the behavior.


Even if it doesn’t stop the behavior why don’t you want to neuter him? He is obviously not a breeding candidate if you don’t know his breed.
Unneutered cats have a higher risk of testicular cancer and prostate issues.

He is more likely to fight other cats and get abcesses. He is more likely to fight other cats and pick up things like feline leukemia/FIP/FIV.

Even if he is an indoor only cat when neighborhood females go in heat he is more likely to sneak out of the house to fight the local males and make kittens. I had a female in heat pop out a screen on the second floor, go on the lower roof and hop off the roof. Don’t think that they aren’t creative about escaping when hormones are in play. (Thankfully she didn’t get knocked up)

He is more likely to roam in search of females and find roads with car or encounter other animals.

It is much healthier to neuter him.


When I hesitated about getting one of my young male cats neutered almost 40 years ago, my vet said “the average life expectancy of an un-neutered male cat is 18 months.” That did it for me and every cat I’ve had since then has been neutered, male or female. There is absolutely NO reason to keep a cat that is not breeding stock entire - period.

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We took him to the vet once he started peeing blood, I have been dealing with that so I haven’t checked this site, but the vet said he produces crystals in his urine so neutering isn’t an option, since he isn’t neutered he should have an advantage against a blockage but low and behold we have to change his diet and can’t neuter him either way; and if he is an indoor cat who was unneutered when we got him, the behavior isn’t guaranteed to change, because he has been unneutered for so long.

I forgot to add that we gave him his own room, the food and water are in there, and his litter box is in the closet so he doesn’t feel as exposed, as it was in a high traffic area before. Spraying has reduced so I’m not sure if he just wanted more space.

This makes absolutely no sense at all. What reasoning did your vet give for this? Neutering a cat doesn’t affect how they urinate, or the amount of crystals in their urine, at all. There used to be an old wives’ tale that neutering too early would narrow the urethra, but this has since been proven false.

Fact: he’s peeing blood BECAUSE he has crystals in the urine. He’s in pain, and peeing in inappropriate places is a symptom of that. Not neutering him hasn’t prevented that.

Get him neutered. Get him treated for the crystals, which may mean a prescription diet and possible prescription drugs like Flomax.

And get a new vet.


Will look into getting a new vet, and yes he is on a new diet.