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help choosing a stud?

So I own a fresian sport horse (16.2 hands) who has a nice jump. and I have no idea how to find a stud to breed her with. My mare is morganxfresian and I would like to breed her with a jumping stallion. I would like the foal to have big, lofty movement wth a scopy jump. My goal would be able to jump 1.30 meters or more. Also, I would like a tall horse, 16.3 or taller. Does anyone know any studs that are good for the job? I would prefer any warmblood or Irish sport horse.

I’d strongly encourage you to purchase a purpose bred jumper foal rather than trying to breed on from a morgan friesian cross. It is highly highly unlikely you’ll produce a 1.30+ horse even breeding to a top jumper stallion.

To expand on ladyj79’s answer - breeding for something specific is a challenge even when you breed two parents that are similar and both have the characteristics you want. There is so much genetic diversity in the ancestors of every single animal - and there’s never a guarantee that you’ll get the features you want. You might get the very worst traits of each ancestor. If it were a sure thing, racing wouldn’t be something to bet on, and every breeder would know exactly how to produce the next Olympic star.

You’re already staring with a cross of two different breeds. It sounds like your mare has some great qualities, including some jumping abilities. But she could have a full sibling that had no jumping ability and was 15 hands - because most of her ancestors probably had very little talent for jumping, and it’s likely that at least half her ancestors were under 16 hands. Your mare brings ALL the genetic traits of her ancestors with her, and which ones turn up on her foal is mostly a matter of chance.

So you could find a super-talented jumping stallion who is also super prepotent - that will improve your chances slightly - but you still have a really high probability of ending up with a small-to-medium-sized horse with no jumping talent.

That’s why the first rule of breeding is “breed like to like.” Choosing to produce a foal from three very different breeds is nothing but a huge crapshoot, and you could easily create a new living creature that has no value to anyone. There are way too many of those in the world, and they don’t have happy lives.

If you have the resources to keep the foal for life and find it a job no matter how untalented it is, … maybe, although there are still good reasons why that’s a bad idea. If you aren’t 100% committed to doing that, or intend this foal for sale - then please don’t. It would truly be better to find a different way to get the foal you’re hoping for.

Nicely said, Anna. :slight_smile: