Help finding boarding and lessons near Newmarket, Ontario

With EMG closed due to spammers I am hoping some of the Canadians here can help me.

I am looking for good quality boarding and lessons within 25 minutes of Newmarket, Ontario. BUT here’s the catch - I have a retired horse that I would be boarding and would like to part board something at the barn. I previously owned a TB jumper that competed locally at the 1.1m level. I would like to part board something similar.

Budget would be 800 for board and 500 for part board/ lessons. I am looking to ride twice a week with one of those rides being a lesson. Any thoughts or leads would be extremely helpful. Thanks!

Pause Awhile Equestrian Centre! I’ve been there for around 6 years and love it, great people and great training :slight_smile:

Hilltop Equestrian is 20 minutes from Newmarket in Uxbridge (on Sandford Road). Very active Trillium barn with boarding, training and lessons. Many opportunities to part-lease and show.

Just Me I just sent you a PM with a suggestion for you. Cheers!

Check out Dunbordin farms in Queensville.

I boarded there for 3 years and nothing but good things to say about the care.

Royal Canadian Riding Academy, Bluestar Equestrian Centre, Herrogate Hills, Whitchurch Riding Academy, Pause A While, Fox Fire Equestrian Centre, Quasar, Rise And Shine, and Hop Hill.

Sent you a PM.

Call up any of the Central East Trillium barns, if they aren’t close enough to Newmarket for you I’m sure they’ll steer you in the right direction. With that budget you may be able to make it work at some of the smaller A barns.

Also, just a thought, but that area is horse country. If you don’t absolutely require that both horses are at the same barn I’m positive you could find something nice for your retired guy, lots of turnout, full care, etc. for under $600, especially if you don’t require an arena. That would leave you with more cash for the p/b or showing. I totally understand that it would be more convenient having them at the same place though.