Help Finding Breeder of My (East Coast) Silvio Mare


I have been trying for two years to track down information about my mare’s dam to no avail. I know that Silvio talk seems to be pretty popular on here so I thought I would see if anyone could help me piece together the puzzle pieces I have to find info on her dam!

So here is what I know— she was foaled in 2009 and her sire is Silvio who is based in Virginia, owned/leased by Tim Daly. The lady who (possibly) bred her had a large breeding farm in north georgia , with a lot of Trakehners (especially Buddenbrock), and she bred a lot of mares to Silvio, per Mr Daly’s recollection the last conversation that was had about her a few years ago. This lady’s name may possibly be Jessica? Not 100% sure.

At 4 (so around 2013?), Arion Sporthorses here in GA (now based out of NC) bought her because this lady sold all of her horses and moved to Hawaii, or possibly the Caribbean.

If anyone has ANY leads on who this lady may be so I could talk with her to maybe see who/what her was, I would SO appreciate it. I feel like it’s a pretty specific detail about someone with a pretty good size breeding operation (from what I’ve gathered) that decided to sell all their stock and move to an island… it’s just a matter of finding someone who may know where to start with that! She may not be the one who actually bred her, but she’s the furthest back I’ve been able to trace her ownership!

Thanks everyone!

If I can ever figure out how to post a photo on here, I’ll share one of her! She is SHOCKINGLY similar to Silvio— “?” blaze and 4 flashy socks and all!

Buddenbrock was in Germany until Joe Pimental bought and imported him so it must have been another Trakehner stallion. Could TD have been thinking of Peron? I think the woman that owned him when Michelle Gibson rode him maybe has passed away? I think she had a Trakehner breeding operation in Georgia but I don’t know that much about it. I would think that Jean Brinkman in Florida that has been breeding Trakehners since the beginning in this country might have information if somebody was breeding in Georgia.

Danette and Charles Wharton bred Trakehners for quite some years at their farm Lancaster Oaks in Woodstock GA (NW of Atlanta). I think they started up around 1980 or thereabouts. They stood a couple of stallions - one of them was Justiz but I can’t remember the other stallion’s name. Their daughter Laura competed in dressage and I believe she produced a half dozen or so of their homebreds to GP.

I do not know if the Whartons ever bred outside of Trakehner bloodlines but it is possible that Laura went in a different breeding direction after the parents passed. I do not know what she is doing now or where she is but I do know that the property was sold about five years ago and is now owned by a dressage/eventing trainer who also does a bit of breeding (not Trakheners, though).

There was also a farm near Cartersville (NW GA) that stood an approved Justiz son named Favian. I believe he was bred by the Whartons so may have been the other stallion they stood for a while. Laura referred to that second stallion as “Junior” so it is possible it was Favian and he was sold at some point to the lady in Cartersville. Her name was Carol Morgan but I am not sure how much breeding she did.

Also, as SusanO mentioned, Peron’s owner was in the north GA area. I think the farm was called Hidden Springs or something like that but I cannot remember the lady’s name (I believe either she or her husband or both of them were MDs.)

I will also add that if your mare’s dam was sired by the Silvio in VA, to my knowledge he was approved by only AWR and since he was not Trakehner approved nor of Trakhener approved bloodlines, his offspring would not have been eligible for Trakehner registration papers (nor would they have been eligible for regular registration papers from the mainstream WB registries).

I assume you have asked Arion Sporthorses what they know about the mare but otherwise you might want to follow SusanO’s suggestion and contact the Brinkman’s in FL to find out if they know of other Trak breeders in GA in the early 2000 era.

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I am the ATA Executive Director, and can tell you that there are no registered or recorded offspring by Silvio (we can register and do Certificate of Pedigrees for horses of outside bloodlines, even when no acceptable for approval into the Studbooks) that match your description.

You could contact AWR and see if they can run her DNA against their database to identify parentage or a direct match if she was previously registered.

Best of luck to you.



I know the lady you are referring to and her name will come to me. She was in central North Carolina (the Statesville area) and did move back to Hawaii. She and her sister were both involved with the horses. I believe her significant other (at the time) was an equine veterinarian. Maybe this info will help with your puzzle!