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Help finding info for a courts saddle

Just bought a used courts saddle and I’m just curious as to what year it was made the Latigo holder number says 58145 (photo below)
Then on the cantle. In the most unaccessable spot ever :open_mouth:‍:dash: is
there is a possibility that the top 3 numbers are incorrect. They are waaaaaay up under the rawhide edge and it was super hard to see. And I wasn’t able to take a photo
It’s a rope saddle. Fits my horse great and I love it. Just curious on what year it was made.

What kind of saddle is it? I’ve never heard of that brand.
A Google search says Court’s Saddlery went out of business in 2017. The only online dealer I found that carries used Court’s saddles is HorseSaddleShop.com. Somebody there might know about the one you have, if you contact them. There are also a few of their barrel saddles and others on ebay.
Good luck!


I believe they went out of businesss because the shop had a fire and was burned beyond repair. My friend had a Courts, and we found out about it when she tried to locate/contact them for questions on her saddle (she was selling it).

I’m sorry I don’t have better news or another direction in which to point you. It was a decent saddle, and she used it many years.

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Decades ago I used one of their barrel racing saddles because it was the one that fit our arabian like a glove.
It had a very hard seat, I didn’t like that for a ranch saddle you sit on for long drives.
After we sold that horse, a friend needed a saddle with that kind of tree and she loved the saddle and kept it, may still have it.

I don’t remember how their saddle ID was read, but maybe try barrel racing web sites for information?


I love the courts brand and I knew they went out of buisness which is a bummer. Reinsman took over the Sharon Camarillo saddles that they used to make ( one of my favorite saddles ever was a courts Sharon Camarillo barrel saddle ) I found this one and jumped on it and I’m glad I did. It fits my horse great and is super comfortable

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I think on the Courts saddles the first set of numbers under the cantle is the month and year of manufacture?
Hard to say if it’s incorrect. The style of saddle could indicate or maybe it’s hard to read?