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Help finding old horse

need help finding a horse i owned a few years back. he was my first ever horse and i regretted selling him from the day he stepped off that trailer. missing him more than usual now so if i could even just find his owners, even if hes not for sale, id love to be able to see him one last time.
older balck quarter horse gelding, sold him florida. approximately 14.2hh. not registered as far as i know.

Do you have dates for the sale and his age?

Realistically every year above 25 is borrowed time with most horses (aging hits everyone differently of course) so if you’re estimating 30 say there’s a good chance he’s no longer alive.

Actually given this posters track record on their one previously started topic thread, they likely don’t want advice.

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anyways i think he was around 15 (what our vet said)

How many years ago? Do you know the name of the person he was sold to? Were you an adult at the time handling the sale, or a minor and he was sold by your parents? If the latter I would ask them for any contact details or financial records they have. IME if parents stay in the same house, nothing ever gets thrown out :slight_smile: and there may well be an old phone number somewhere. Start with the original purchaser

If it’s more than 10 years ago I would not be optimistic he’s still alive but he might be. If it was only 2 years ago the original purchasers might still have him.

You can also try searching FB horse classified ads in the town or region he was sold to, with the name of seller, date of sale, and clear good photo showing all marks.

The chance of someone on COTH knowing this horse is remote. But much better chance if you are posting in the area he was sold to.


You’ve already edited the opening post to remove pics. You have a better chance of someone recognizing him with the pics, but Scribbler gave some great advice on where to start.

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