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help for owners dealing with navicular syndrome, pedal osteitis, low grade laminitis

2 year case study of what finally helped a mare with navicular, pedal osteitis, and low grade laminitis.


The owner tried almost everything from pharmicueticals to nutracueticals to chiro, to stall rest, hand walking, barefoot, boots / pads, various shoes, wedge pads, plastic shoes, trims, hoof casts, you name it… the horse was always at a grade 2 lameness. The cycle of chronic inflammation was finally broken thanks to a shoe called the “Sneaker.” If you know anyone struggling with hoof issues, please pass this video along to them. It’s not an ad, it’s not an infomercial - it’s a case study shot over 2 years. Equitopia also went to U.C. Davis to speak with Dr. Sue Stover, head of the Orthopedic research lab to find out the biomechanics behind the shoe design.

There are so many conditions that have good treatment alternatives. I wish there was one for a bum stifle. They really are killers.