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Help identify saddle ?!?

I got this saddle in a tack lot trying to maybe get an idea of what they are worth and maybe someone knows the maker ? Looked every where I can think of and can’t find that maker mark. First saddle has a stamp on the back of the skirt 1584 it’s a 15"
Any help identifying would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

I did a quick Google search and it looks like it was made by American Saddlery, based in Tennessee, sometime in the 1970s. The model number is 1584. It originally sold for, I believe, $225. You can find a pdf. of the catalog online.

It’s hard to tell what condition the leather is in, whether the Ralide tree is undamaged, and if it’s actually comfortable for both horse and rider at this point. I suggest taking it to your local saddle shop and having it inspected. Depending on that inspection, its value could range from being strictly an item of decor (lots of people up here have flashy older saddles sitting on saddle racks in their entry way) or it could be what we used to call a “cruiser saddle” for occasional, modest use.

That’s just my opinion based on the catalog and this one photo. I could be wrong. :wink: