Help me decorate my outdoor cat pen

What would you include in an outdoor cat pen? So far all I have out there is a Dog igloo.

I just finished the pen today. It still needs a shade cloth run across the top. The pen measures 10 ft by 26 ft.

I have enough room for a small garden- but they must be shade tolerant plants and non-toxic to cats.

Obviously it’s going to need some cat furniture.


Some people will add part of a tree trunk for the cats to scratch on and climb up. It would need to be secured somehow.
I would love to see pictures-it sounds really nice.

I put a disco ball in mine, they loved chasing the reflections. I put some large tree limbs/branches for them to climb up/on and to sharpen their claws. I planted cat grass and cat nip. I built different levelled huts, platforms and bridges as well.

Can we see pictures of yours?


What a NEAT idea!!
couple big wide tree stumps
tree branches
couple chairs for sitting
a gymnastic cat climbing/lounging thing
some hidey boxes
a cabinet w/ doors for hiding/sleeping
a bird feeder placed outside the pen for bird watching
a garden shelf/ storage shelves
some soft sand for litter area


I forgot to add that I have lawn chair in mine so I cat sit and cuddle with them and four bird feeders so they can watch BirdTV. I’ve always had my cat enclosure built near a window so I can put a doggy door in it and they can come and go as they please.