Help Me Find an Obnoxious Bling Belt

I was going to post this on the western forum but it doesn’t seem too active anymore, so I thought I’d try here. Anyone know of any good places to buy a belt with bling for relatively cheap?

I want “diamonds” not tooling, though both is acceptable. Round large rhinestones are preferred. I’m thinking silver. I don’t do religious imagery, guns, or patriotic paraphernalia, otherwise cool buckles are fine. Must be thin enough to fit through regular belt loops but not thin enough to pinch. Small business would be cool!

Any COTH shoppers want to help me out?

I want one to wear to my next dressage competition…
To match my horse’s western saddle pad (hahaha! Shun the non-white-pad-er)
So I am following with interest.

well now I’m following too… I do love a good belt…

Are you showing western dressage?

I don’t have any online sources, but bought two blinged out belts at local western tack shops / boot stores. Both were about $100, but this was 10 years ago

I googled ‘bling belt’ and was shocked at just how blinged a belt can be.

Not posting links because I know nothing about bling belts and do not want to suggest something when I know nothing about the quality.

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I’m having a hard time googling. Most of my searches don’t return what I want (no, not for a wedding dress! I’m trying to hold up my pants!), so I’m hoping someone knows what I need and can suggest something.

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You have to scroll thru but there are some here:

Here are some Etsy options:

Here is something that came up in the images:

My Google search was Western Bling Belts.

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I bought a pretty fancy looking one at Tractor Supply a couple years ago for showmanship. It wasn’t the most expensive belt, but it WAS obnoxious with studs, rhinestones and a big buckle. I think I paid $20 for it and got a couple blues wearing it. I called it my lucky belt and still have it :slightly_smiling_face:

Are you wanting high quality or just any? Top of the line are BB Simon and Kippy belts.

that was fun to scroll thru!!!

My thought too. I never imagined bling bets were so bright and sparkly. Wow. Some of them must weigh quite a bit with all that sparkle.

thanks bugsy! now scrolling BB simon just for fun too. oh my!

Boot Barn has quite a few

No. Normal english.

The rules state a square pad… my horse at the time liked a custom-made felt western (small) pad. My current horse just got a custom felt western for her jump saddle.

Yes. I am the human equivalent of the Netherlands shadbelly. Only less cool, more bogan.

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Google “Rhinestone Belts” and then look at images. You will have more than enough choices…

Blingy belts aren’t at ALL my taste (hate 'em, but I tend to hate sparkles and diamond/rhinestones anyway) but if you just want relatively cheap and blingy and you want to eyeball the belts in person to ensure sizing and blinginess, I would check out a Tractor Supply or Rural King. Both stores should have a (possibly limited) stock of blingy belts.

EDIT: You may end up running into options with gun-themed designs and/or patriotic paraphernalia at your local Tractor Supply or Rural King. In my area the belts just seem blingy but that may vary from region to region.

On the store theme mentioned above, I bet Runnings has some bling belts.

Holy gorgeous!! I wish I have $4-500 to drop on a belt. Instead I’m probably looking at about $50 lol…

I just looked and might have found my winner!

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