Help me find this bit

Brand is Korsteel but doesn’t have to be. 5 inch or so, three rotating stainless steel balls, NOT a waterford or the Pessoa system. Full cheek or maybe dee. No luck on eBay or other sites thus far. Help? TIA!

Myler makes something similar. It has three barrels rather that balls. I know I’ve seen that style of bit before, but can’t remember the name.

It looks like a different from a Waterford, but close.

I know about both bits. Like I said, it’s NOT a waterford. It collapses a bit like a waterford, but it becomes more solid as contact is established. Myler wouldn’t work for sure.

Maybe a cross post to the H/J forum if you haven’t already? I’ve seen one before, can’t remember where…

What an interesting mouthpiece! Can’t say I’ve ever seen one like that before…very curious what people come up with on finding one like it. :yes:

Have you perused the Bit Bank in the UK?

Good resource!

Hmm. The closest I know of is the Pessoa, which you say you don’t want. Can I ask how they are different, other than the copper? (Thinking of this:

How about this one?

ETA Rats! I see somebody already posted this one. :frowning:

The Pessoa one would probably work. Mainly looking for the Korsteel since the gelding it’s for doesn’t care either way for copper. If that Pessoa bit was a five, though, in the full cheek…What a price!

I’ll cross post and see what I can find. Thanks for the resource guide! :slight_smile:

I think that Myler posted is the most similar in action. What an interesting bit. Wish I knew what it is called!

I know right?! I’d never seen this particular bit, especially by Korsteel, before this weekend at a show. The lady who uses it is borrowing it from our trainer but would love to find her own. I would too for that matter! Never can have too many bits. :wink:

Call the makers of Korsteel and ask what it is called.

Well, I’ve had pitiful luck in finding who makes Korsteel bits. Anyone have some insight there?

Weatherbeeta owns/distributes korsteel

JUST got one like this, full cheek, in a 5-1/2 mouth. Will be interested to see if it makes the guy who has been using the Waterford happier - he enjoys the flex of the Waterford but seems sometimes to be aggravated by it, too. With the rollers and slightly offset mouth, this one looks like it will be more comfortable for him. I will call it a Pessoa roller bit for now :slight_smile:

Do you know if yours is the Pessoa bit, or is it the Korsteel? I’d love some pictures!

If you go to it does not list Korsteel or any other bits under “Products.”

I am starting to think the bit in your picture was custom-made for someone. I have looked and looked and looked online and have found nothing even closely resembling it except the Pessoa and as you know that is not the same mouthpiece.

The only reason I say Korsteel is because it actually says Korsteel on it, like any of their other bits. I did contact Weatherbeeta, and they said they didn’t have that bit in stock but had something in a dee snaffle…I think? It was a really confusing email, and they haven’t replied to my response. sigh

you might have better luck in Off Course. Not everybody checks the Farm forum.

My thought too – I saw “bit” in the Farm forum and thought drill bit!

I had the Pessoa one but of course you know it has copper on it, but that might be worth trying anyway if you can get your hands on one. I see them sometimes on eBay. You do want to size up (if the Pessoa version) as they have this curve at each end that kind of wraps around the lips and you don’t want it too tight.