Help me make bad footwear decisions! (AKA: Dublin Holywell tall boots and potential drop)

I found a really good deal on a brand-new pair of Dublin Holywells when I should have been Xmas shopping for others. The foot size is right, the calf size is right, but the back height is about 2" taller than I need. (My Sheltand pony legs measure about 15" floor-to-bend; these are about 17".)

Is it foolishly optimistic to think these will drop enough? (I am ancient and come from the archaic era of the pull-ons, which could be counted on to reliably drop 1-2". I hear that’s no longer the case.)

I have no show aspirations, so I’m more about functionality than looks – and I can’t function with the boot top biting into the back of my knee. Anyone have experience in this situation? What do you other petite riders do? Should I pull the trigger and buy, or keep looking?

Zip boots typically don’t drop as much as the old pull on boots. Both because the zip is stiff and because they fit more snugly round the ankles.

That said if you have a good shoe repair locally they could cut them down to your height.


Thanks, that’s what I was afraid of. Not sure I want to pay for the boots and then pay to cut down the tops; that’s going to change the proportions of the boot. I’d rather spend the money to get something that fits my leg in the right way from the beginning. Sigh. The hunt continues.

(And if anyone has any size 5-5.5 tall boots to sell, hit me up!)