Help me shop for fittings

Got a new saddle and I need new leathers and a girth! Possibly irons and iron covers too!

I need black leathers and I’m looking at either Passier or Prestige. Dover has three models of Passier leathers and I really can’t make out what the difference between the three is. The Prestige leathers are calf skin wrapped instead of the “super soft cow hide” that the Passier leathers use. Any thoughts?

Here are two of the Passier models

Can anyone educate me on what the difference between these two models is? Other than price? The descriptions read very similarly. I think the Prestige leathers are $150 but out of stock in my size at major retailers though I found some at a smaller online shop. I dunno if the calf skin is worth the hassle of a separate order.

I’d prefer leathers that are going to be the least abrasive on my saddle flaps. FWIW my saddle is British made with German leather.

For a girth, I’m thinking of trying the TSF stretch tec girth, the one with the elastic insert in the middle. I’m not having any issues with the saddle sliding forward once I have it girthed up, but I have to be careful not to pull it forward while I’m doing up the girth if that makes sense. Horse has a ridiculous big shoulder and a very forward girth groove. Im currently using an inexpensive anatomical girth but it’s only an inch offset and I believe the TSF is a 2” offset. The girth I have now is a 30” but he really needs a 32” so I need a new one. Thoughts or other suggestions for a girth? For the TSF I’m not sure if the leather or the sheepskin would be better? The horse doesn’t have a history of getting rubs, but he is a sensitive soul and I want him to be as comfortable as possible.

I’m happy with my current irons but if anyone has a rec for jointed ions with an offset eye, I’d welcome the input! I have some fleecy iron covers but they kind of suck to put on and take off so I’m in the market for those too.

Joseph Sterling leathers from Schieders are pretty nice and not abrasive. I have them ony jumping saddle. I am mostly chiming in to say how much I like the Cavallo safety stirrups I just put on my jping saddle. I imagine they would be nice for dressage as well. They are aluminum, so lightweight and have good grip from the cheese grater tread. I bought them for the safety factor, but have been really impressed with how they’ve proved the ride when I’m jumping.

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I have the Prestige leathers and have used them in my Fairfax Gareth and Amerigo Cortina Pinerolo and both saddled have flaps that look hardly worn. I really like those leathers and they’re not abrasive.

I’ve always used Mattes girths and find the quality to be quite good and my horses are ok with them too. They have various anatomical cuts. I’ve mostly used the asymmetrical.

Sprenger is the only one I know of that makes a jointed stirrup with an offset eye (I like that feature too). IIRC make their bow balance with an offset and regular jointed ones with an offset as well. I have Acavallo Opera stirrups, but they are not jointed.

I use iron covers from QHP. Fleecy on the inside, but another material on the outside. Pretty easy on and off.

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TSF girth, depends on your horses shape. These are better for round horses moreso than narrow ones imo.

I have the neoprene and sheepskin and use the neoprene in the summer/sheepskin in winter.

I also have the TSF stability leathers and love them.


I have the Passier leathers that you mentioned and am very happy with them. Grippy, lined, and with half-holes are my list of requirements.

I’ve had the Prestige as well and quality is comparable.

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That’s good information thank you. If I can save $50 that would be nice. The saddle flaps are a sturdy leather so maybe I’ll be fine without calf skin leathers!

I’ll check out the Sterling leathers thank you!

Hmm maybe I should be safe and pay the few extra bucks for the calf skin Prestige leathers. Do you mind saying about how long or how many rides you’ve put in those saddle with the Prestige leathers?

I’ll check those irons out! Thank you!

Horse is pretty substantial. Broad backed and deep bodied in the front. I can’t seem to find a neroprene one. Maybe direct from manufacturer.

I have been eyeballing the TSF SLIM leathers that have the option to make the irons offset. How are you finding yours are wearing against the saddle flaps and what was your experience with sizing?

That should work then!

I haven’t seen any wear so far and I’ve had them about a year now. I have super short legs so I got the smallest size, they fit for me great, they are pretty adjustable.

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No idea how many rides, but I’ve been using them for about 3 years now and I ride 4 to 5 days a week.

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I see TSF has the neoprene girth in my size in stock. Maybe it would be comfier than the leather for the horse. I think the manufacturer offers some sort of guarantee if ordered directly from them so that might be worth it

Re neoprene, I find that it holds heat and sweat more vs leather, which I can just wipe off. One of my horses got a bad rub from neoprene, and I switched to leather and he found that to be more comfortable. Neoprene also leads to more skin funk IME, but it’s also possible that I just had sensitive horses.


I am not Jealoushe, but in my experience I would not recommend the TSF slims if you care about flap damage. I had some for a while and they roughed up my saddle flaps (thankfully, on an older used saddle and not my new one) something terrible. They are partially lined (calf, perhaps?), but the unlined part was quite rough and I saw scuffing and micro-scratches on my flaps.


Yes mine aren’t the slim style, just the stability.

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Skin funk is a real concern where I am. Maybe the leather would be better.

Also, I’d forgotten how expensive good irons are. I’ll be sticking with my current HS flex ones for the near future.

Oh heck no. Bummer though bc those Slim ones would let me offset my irons.

I did some digging on Passover’s website and they claim all their leathers are made with calf skin. So I dunno why Dover calls it cow skin :woman_shrugging:t2:

ETA the TSF website says that the slim leathers were updated for 2022 and then it says the entire body and strap of leather is covered in calf skin. I wonder if maybe older ones weren’t lined all the way round? Hmmm

Back to leathers. .I have gone through several sets. Including the Passiers which stretched quite a bit. Currently I have Nunn Finer dressage half holes; they are narrower and have held up the best of any so far, for me. As for irons, I love the classic Stubben fillis irons


Oh wow I wouldn’t have expected leathers with a nylon insert to stretch!

I have two StretchTec girths - one neoprene lined and the other with the leather lining. The neoprene is quite thick and cushiony (is that even a word? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ). The neoprene is one solid piece and limits the stretch of the centre section of the girth. The leather lining has elastic sections and allows for more stretch on the main body of the girth. My horses are each happy with their respective girths.

I also have TSF Stability leathers (the regular ones) and before I mount up I hold the leather above the iron with one hand and twist the iron with the other so they don’t parallel the horse’s sides. I don’t know if this would be enough offset for you.

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