HELP! Need good Hunter/Jumper farrier in moorpark, ca.

Hi - looking for recommendations for farriers in the Moorpark, CA area.

Had someone awesome doing my horse, worked with my vet…but he started having someone else do my horse while he oversaw and has gotten flakey. I pay my bills and my horse is perfectly behaved. Came out today and my horse had large wedge pads that he doesn’t need, nor were requested by the vet. I was never consulted or contacted by the farrier before he did this, dramatically changing his angles. My horse was supposed to show next week, but now he stumbles when he walks because he’s on his toes. Hoping to get the vet out on Monday to get new x-rays so we can fix what was done, but want to find a new farrier going forward. Someone who shows up when they say, does a good job, and is trustworthy. My horse just needs regular shoes with rim pads, no wedge or anything special. :eek: