Help picking a new food that will support skin and coat in two heathy young dogs

Looking for some good recomendations for a new food for my 9 month old Boxer and 3 year old English Bulldog. Both in great health. Looking to maybe go grain free to help with the boxer acne and help support skin and coat.

Currently feed Purina Proplan Lamb and rice. Open to most everything other then a raw diet.

I don’t know about going grain free considering that there is some evidence that it’s associated with DCM. I used to feed grain free and don’t anymore. The DCM link is something that vets or those more scientific than I am would have to speak to, but my understanding is that it could potentially be related to legumes. At any rate, in the abundance of caution, I quit feeding grain free. I will say that for years I fed my allergic dogs one of the diets most associated with DCM. He’s now pretty old for his breed and has some serious health issues, but he’s been evaluated by a cardiologist twice and doesn’t have DCM at this time. I just decided that I’d rather avoid it for all of my dogs.
Have you thought about adding fish oil? That’s something that I do with mine that’s supposed to help with their joints and hopefully skin and coat as well.

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The DCM study/paper was quietly “semi” retracted about a year and a half ago. Firstly always look to see who funded the research- in this case it was funded by companies that were being hurt by the grain free lines that were doing well.
The research was a case that was supposed to “prove” that grain, especially corn, was good and a necessary ingredient for dogs because of the amino acid Taurine which helps prevent DCM. But most of the grain free diets added Taurine in the ingredients therefore negating that argument.
Secondly, some of the dogs used in the study were breeds that were predisposed genetically to DCM…Oops… big mistake there. .
While I do agree the use of legumes does raise the protein percentages which I personally don’t like but I do want in my dog’s diet a higher protein/fat to carbohydrate ratio because, as I am sure that you would agree, that carbs are just empty calories. The number 1 issue in most dogs health issues is obesity.

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OP I suggest you check out Dog Food Advisor website- he is Not funded by any of the dog food companies and breaks down his reviews in many different catagories.

What are your issue(s) with the current food?

Is there an issue with the current food?

I feed Fromms currently and not grain free. I’m super happy with it and my dog is shiny and healthy on it


My boys are Fromm Gold Small Breed Adult with ‘snacks’ from The Honest Kitchen :slight_smile:

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Color me so surprised :roll_eyes: That was so weak to begin with, it was shocking the FDA made such a big stink about it.

@Cruisesmom I’ve fed Orijen or Acana for years and years. It’s great kibble. Highly recommend!

I feed both my dogs (both Border Terriers) Honest Kitchen. The older one (a 13 year old boy) gets the dehydrated Beef and Salmon (add water and stir) and the younger one (a 2 year old girl) gets the Beef and Turkey kibble.

They both do very well on their diets. The Beef and Salmon is especially good for dogs with skin issues.

Fromm Gold Weight Maintenance here. I have a fluffy neutered male that needs to loose weight so no extras besides what he snags from the kids.

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My point exactly. There are many foods out there that many dogs will thrive on. It’s hard to just ask for a recommendation without being more explicit on what you are looking for.

FWIW - my dogs are on the same feed as the OPs. They are shiny and healthy and in good weight. I’ve fed a few other brands over the last 20 years, but not many…I like Eukanuba but it’s not as easy to get as Purina Pro Plan. I’ve fed Fromms before it was as mainstream as it is now and it was practically impossible to get.

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