Help!! Shipping from Ottawa, ON to Louisiana?

Looking for a shipping company to move a horse I’m planning to buy in Ottawa (if the vet passes - crossing my fingers!). Catch is that I live in Baton Rouge, LA, so it’s a long way.

If you know of any shipping companies that do a route like this - or even part of it to a hub like Kentucky, please let me know! I need a company that will do the border crossing, though it would be possible that I might need two shippers to make it all the way to Louisiana.

Please leave the company name/contact info please!

If you have any experiences with any companies good or bad please tell me that too! Want to make sure my guy gets to his new home safe & sound!

Back in 2008 I brought a horse from BC to Ontario and used IHT, International Horse Transport. They were very easy to deal with, took a stop-over break where the horses were unloaded for the night. You are able to chose stall size as well. I was able to check in for updates and the horse arrived home happy. I don’t remember the name of the person I dealt with but this is the link to their website,

They aren’t located near Ottawa but it may be on one of their regular routes.

Maybe able to help

I know of someone just PM me, I can give you some info on locals that do this kind of thing.

It’s the right time of year, many people are starting to head from Ontario to Florida so you’re on the way. Try IHT (very good, I used them from Ontario to Alberta), Perry Transport, Gimcrack (also very good, went with them Ontario to Florida and back), and Elliott Equine.

I’ve heard a lot of good about Perrys and Sallee as well. You might find many of them going out of Woodbine for the winter - so I wonder if you could do it in two legs - get your horse to WO and then on a van headed south. :slight_smile:

Mykytyn Horse Transport did a few long-distance moves for me. They go all over Canada and the States. Contact info here:

Mykytyn transported my last (sold) horse from the Soo to PA years ago… they were great but I think there were a few delays along the way which stressed out the buyer a little bit, but he got there safe and sound.

Rick Bodie is in and out of Rideau Carleton racetrack (in Ottawa) fairly regularly. Some trainers are starting to head south to Florida now, so he might be a good one to contact.

I had real good service from Perry Transport.

I used Mykytyn to move a newly weaned foal six hours to her new owner and they were excellent.

Thanks everyone! I’ve put in for some quotes from these different companies.

If anyone knows of other companies or have reviews - good & bad - please let me know as I’ll be continuing to check back here.