Help understanding my mare’s registration papers?

I have 4 documents for my mare: (1) passport, (2) certificate of ownership, (3) inspection results, (4) pedigree from her breeder going back a couple generations.

The passport is pink with the zweibrücker brand on it. The inspection papers gave her a composite score of 7,3 and a silver premium designation. I know nothing about what any of that means, or even what scale it’s on (assuming 1-10?). And I’m also not sure if it means she’s approved with that registry for breeding, or if it’s just acknowledging that both her parents were.

She’s a tough horse, barefoot with great feet, who loves to jump, and in my experience, is freakishly trainable, with a lot of drive and eagerness to please. Unfortunately she just fell through the cracks somewhere early in life and wound up with a few dangerous habits undersaddle (probably how I came to acquire her for the price of the TBs on CANTER :rofl: …but also :sob:). I have really come to love her and think she’s something special. So we’re trying a rehab training program and I’m hoping it works for us. But if it doesn’t, I’ve been advised to consider selling her to a non-riding home as a broodmare, which is why I’ve taken this sudden interest in understanding her papers.

Not knowing much about breeding, I am also not sure whether that’s considered a “good” life for a horse, or if it’s wise to breed a horse with an intractable training problem. So that said, I do also have the option of retiring her to the family farm, where the horses are basically feral on 100 acres. And then I also have the option of selling her to a trainer with disclosure, though even in that scenario it would be beneficial to advertise her potential as a broodmare. So basically, all of my fallback options for her would be clearer knowing more about sport horse breeding and understanding her papers.

Any input is appreciated! TIA

Have you posted this on the breeding forum? You’re more likely to get some answers there. A conformation photo of you mare would be helpful as well.

Oh! I thought I had. I must have clicked the wrong option!