Help With a Show Name

Hi everyone! I’m in need of some help coming up with a show name for my 4 year old hunter gelding. Big bay warmblood with lots of chrome, very honest and easy going type. He’s from the E line but I’m not set on keeping that as the starting letter, and he’s named after a football player. I’d be interested in something to do with sports that I could relate back to that connection but again it’s not a necessity. Thanks in advance for all your help! I’m terrible at coming up with names and hoping he’s going to work up to my A/O hunter so I don’t want to pick something I’m going to end up disliking a few years down the line.

How about Cantering Towards Goal? Homerunner? Or Brave Quarterbacker?

For some reason I’m thinking something with Royalty!

Royal Flush
King’s Gambit

Finish Line
Grand Slam

I love Edelman as a name (Patriots wide receiver)
End Zone
Evenendways (just thought this was a cool word - means to move in an unfaltering straight line, from one place to another)


Touch Down

Edelman was the first thing that popped into my mind too - you can certainly do worse!


End Run

You could do like “Final Point”, “Fair Game”, “First Pick” or “Wild Card”? Now that I think about it, I’m not great with show names either haha,

Even Strength is a hockey term. Might suit a buff bay WB gelding!

Game Point
Earned Run
Team Player
Goal Line
On Base

Elways and Forever


Early Arrival

Easy Play

If you’re moving off the “E” names… “Friday Night Lights”
“Under the Lights” “Any Given Sunday” “Touchdown”

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Ever Given

But then you might get stuck in the middle of an oxer


Fencing is considered a sport, right? How about ‘En Garde’?

If not, then possibly: Enraptured, Eloquence, Enchantée, Equivocal (my preference for 3-4 syllable one-word names is showing whoops!)

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End Zone! (Enzo for short?) :slight_smile: End Game? Extra Point?


Thank you for all the great ideas so far! I’ve added several to my short list to think about further, can’t wait to decide :slight_smile:

Let us know what the final decision is!

Yes seconded @JBCool, @20Sporty04 let us know what you pick!

I think End Zone is the winner!