Help with barn name for new mare?

List of town names in WV, one of these might spark an idea

Any names in her pedigree that you could build on? My Hungarian had a sire named “Kippy” a few generations back, and from there my guy became Kips Bay (where MR HH and I lived in NYC).

I don’t mind boyish names for mares, and like more playful/humble barn names vs their polished show name.
Along those lines, how about Piper? Sailor? Cheeky? Pip? (as in Pippi Longstockings, in honor of her white legs and red hair)?

There are a few things I always say when it comes to naming threads looking for input on a barn name.

  1. the name you call your horse is a very personal choice.
  2. the name should come to you organically - you shouldn’t have to force it.
  3. the barn name doesn’t have to have anything to do with their show name.

What have you been calling her so far? Have you made any variations on that? For instance, my horse’s barn name was “Frisbee,” but I would usually get lazy and just call him Biz…and eventually his barn name turned into “Biz.” Like I said, it’s a personal thing and it should just come around naturally. And sometimes the name they have when you get them is the name that best fits them!!

Always, then you can shorten it to Allie or more phontetically Holly if you want.


Thanks all for the suggestions - it looks like she’s staying Remi for now. We tried calling her Scout for a bit but it just didn’t click.
Maybe if we get a cute paint pony we’ll call him Scout :stuck_out_tongue:

How about Marka? Sort of a feminine version of Markie, already present in her registered name, and sort of Russian femme-fatale sounding.

Marchesa? Mar-Kay-sah. Like, a female marquis. Italian duke.

Madeline … ‘Maddie’

I like Marquis a lot. Sounds classy and feminine.

The problem is the horse is a mare and the title is not feminine. I would have a really hard time with that! It is like naming her “Duke” instead of “Duchess.”

There is “Marchioness”…